BioWare has shed a little light on how exactly the Wii U GamePad will work in conjunction with Mass Effect 3.

Players will be able to see their surroundings via a minimap displayed on the GamePad, along with icons representing squadmates and enemies.

The handheld screen will feature a sidebar divided into buttons for quick access to four powers, meaning you won’t need to pause the activation mid-fight to activate them.

The EA Summer Showcase yesterday was the first time that the Wii U port of the game had been shown to members of the public, and the general consensus is that it’s looking pretty good.

Mass Effect 3 Wii U will include an interactive comic so players new to the series can catch up on that oh-so-detailed story. The interactivity will pose questions to players in order to help personalize the universe they’re playing within. The same kinda thing was done with Mass Effect 2: Genesis, which was made to get PlayStation gamers up to speed who might’ve missed out on Mass Effect 1.

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan, a DLC focused on a Reaper storyline was also unveiled.