We recently attended EA’s yearly Summer Showcase event and the company pulled out all the stops with certain projects including revealing FIFA 13 and Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U. Both of these games have some exciting features that really take advantage of the Wii U and we’ll have full reports for you next week on what you can expect from them. For now, we have some great news to share with you.


Both games, the soccer sim and Commander Shepard’s final adventure, will be available as launch day titles when the system arrives later this year. EA wouldn’t speculate on an exact date (that’s up to Nintendo) but they did confirm both titles would be wrapped up in development and good to go.


Mass Effect 3 will contain a number of features including online multiplayer, all the featured downloadable content (including the Extended Cut) and a cool option to play either on the TV screen or the GamePad. FIFA 13 will also have online multiplayer along with a ton of cool features that we’ll talk about soon.


Maybe we should pre-order after all. Hmmmm…