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This Mass Effect EDI Cosplay Is So Perfect, You’d Swear It Was a Screenshot

by Liana Ruppert

From Cerberus to certified badass, EDI has never looked better than in this incredible Mass Effect 3 cosplay! For those that may not be familiar with this very sassy AI, ‘she’ was first introduced in Mass Effect 2 as a ship system implemented by Cerberus. In Mass Effect 3, she was given the very … uh, attractive form after curiousity got the best of her.

Throughout the third game, EDI transformed from simple AI to a being with thoughts, feelings, goals, and even love for the galaxy’s best damn pilot: Joker. To see this character brought to life in such as a way as seen below? As a Mass Effect fan, this has me h y p e: 

This Polish cosplayer goes by the name ‘Star Nacho Cosplay’ and she’s an incredibly talented craftsman that definitely deserves the community’s attention. From Blizzard, to BioWare – this woman knows how to make the character she sets her sights on come to life in such a way that you’d have to pinch yourself to remember it’s not real.

As someone that can’t even seem to sew a simple button on a coat, cosplay will never cease to inspire wonder in me. The community for games is so incredibly passionate and talented, to see cosplayers truly pour their love of some of their most beloved franchises into work like this is nothing short of inspiring, at least to me. 

Like her work? You can see even more of her talent on her Instagram right here, as well as her Ko-Fi page to help support even more of her creative endeavors!

Want to submit your favorite cosplayer for a shot at a shoutout? You can contact the author of this story on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy. For now, enjoy the lovely Mass Effect EDI cosplay seen above! 

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