Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Disc Owners Should Still Download the Day-One Patch

Look out for a day-one update of Spider-Man 2 and download it to enhance your experience!

Spider-Man 2 | Launch Day Patch Notes 1.001.002
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Insomniac Games is recommending players intending to purchase a physical copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to download the day-one patch, despite reassuring that the game is entirely playable without it.

Following an announcement from Insomniac Games, players have learned they must leave some extra space on their PlayStation 5 console for a day-one patch titled 1.001.002 for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Coupled with the exciting message that the time has come to enjoy what’s looking more and more like the best superhero game to date, the dev team has been working on a few “notable” improvements to “enhance” the experience from day one for all players.

Furthermore, the developers of the Game of the Year contender explained how differently the update will affect those with a digital and disk version of the game. Those with the physical Spider-Man 2 copy are not obligated to download the patch, with the game fully playable from start to finish on launch. However, if players want the best experience when starting the Web Slingers game, downloading the 1.001.002 patch is imperative. Insomniac states:

“The disc contains the entire game and is playable from start to finish with no patch or online requirement. But for the best experience, we highly encourage physical/disc-based players to download update Version 1.001.002 on launch day – prior to experiencing the opening mission of the game for the first time.”

Insomniac goes on to say that players with the digital version will not have to worry about downloading the patch notes by themselves, as the update will be included with the pre-downloaded version. The developers confirmed:

“Digital players – don’t worry, if you pre-load the digital version of the game, you’ll get 1.001.002 as your pre-loaded version.”

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The improvements installed with the first update to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 builds on the Gold Master disk version. It focuses on the early elements of the game, some general gameplay refinements, and some new accessibility options.

In less than 24 hours, the gaming world and specifically PS5 players will go into superhero mode as they start playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The PlayStation 5 exclusive drops on Friday, October 20, and those who have already completed their pre-download are waiting for time to pass before swinging through the streets of New York City.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been much anticipated and having an average score of 90 on Metacritic with more than 100 reviews has only further enhanced players’ excitement. It’s a day-one purchase for most and, to make the experience one of the biggest marvels possible, Insomniac is doing everything in their power to give the players the best game from start to finish.

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