Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Download Size Has Been Revealed and It’s Freaking Huge

What would one game do with all that space?

98 GB of free space for Spider-Man 2
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Some Spidey fans have already started receiving their Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition consoles. And, upon arrival, noticed a leak of-sorts on the packaging. Following the unboxing of the Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition console, it is being reported that players will need at least 98 GB of free space on their PlayStation 5 system to download and play the game.

The previous Spider-Man titles required less space but still asked for a lot. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered asks for 71 GB of free space, while the spinoff Spider-Man: Miles Morales asks for 54 GB. For this reason, we shouldn’t be too surprised that 98 GB of free space is necessary to play Spider-Man 2. However, it is still a ridiculously large amount for a game that will have the same map of New York with the addition of only Queens and Brooklyn.

This does lead to many questions, such as: What exactly do Sony and Insomniac Games need with 98 GB of space? Does this mean the game is going to offer award-winning graphics? Or does it mean we could be in for more than the rumored 17–20 hours of playing time? What do the two powerhouses have up their sleeves with their big-game release? What this does signal is that the next Spider-Man game in the series is going to be the biggest one yet and might also deliver above and beyond.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s worldwide release will be on October 20 for PlayStation 5 only. It is proclaimed to be Sony and Insomniac Games’ biggest game release for 2023 and a possible contender for the 2023 Game of the Year accolade, hence all the hype surrounding the famous web-slinging game. The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Launch Edition can be pre-ordered on the Sony PlayStation Store and various outlets, such as GameStop and Amazon, for $69.99.

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