A tragic fire raged on the Kyoto Animation Studio earlier this year and one man threatened to do the same to Square Enix. An arrest has been made concerning 40-year old as reported by the police in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The person in question is a delivery industry veteran and has allegations of numerous threats of violence and arson against the developer studio over of the well-known gaming company. 

According to the police report, the person in question made aggressive demands to get his money back for a game and when those demands were not meant, he threatened to burn the studio down in a repeat of what happened to Kyoto Animation back in July. The reason for the refund? He was upset that he was losing a game and demanded reparations. 

It's been a really rough time for Square Enix given that this isn't the first instance where a threat was made against the studio with the most recent (that we know of) being back in March 29th with a 25-year old nursing home employee. The threats then weren't regarding arson, instead there was the threaten to murder numerous members of the staff. 

Regarding the most recent threat of arson, the police report states that the 40-year old admitted to the threats but later claimed that they were "just a joke." 

H/T Siliconera