It's a short but sweet edition of the Mailbag this week, mainly because we're trying to find all the roads in Forza Horizon.  See how it is?  But you'll still enjoy what we've got to offer here…

And don't forget, you can contribute Q's by heading to Twitter and asking away to both the official Prima Games account (@Primagames) as well as myself, the author (@thedcd).  Ask away!

From @omgahwaffles – What's your current favorite game now?

There are SO MANY.  Still toiling away on Borderlands 2 while also making time for Dishonored, Forza Horizon and XCOM.  And we've got more coming up over the next few weeks.  BUSY IS BUSY.

From @omgahwaffles (asked a lot this week) – What exactly do you do?

Game journalism stuff.  Previews, editorials, news, everything game related.  Oh, and have fun doing it.  THAT is important.

From @True360gaming – Do u ever get writers block or just cant figure out that one word to describe something, like its at da tip of ur tongue?

First off, thanks for spelling.  Heh.  Secondly, there are times when the word just doesn't pop in there, but I have access to a Thesaurus so I can look it up rather easily.  I sometimes hit a road block, but usually I'm able to just relax and find what I'm looking for.  Good question!

From @venomousfatman1 – You think that the resurgence of classic style games is a good thing for the industry?  (Like Double Dragon Neon and Retro City Rampage.)

I definitely think so.  Our past is a great place for gamers to revisit, as there are a number of classics that deserve playing through, even in this day and age.  Retro City Rampage and Double Dragon Neon are great reminders of this age of gaming, and I certainly cheer on more releases like this.  Awesome question, thanks!

From @JevoneTheDon – You think Capcom's making a killing with their current business strategy?  So many DLC, and classic arcade game releases.

Not everyone may be happy with Resident Evil 6, but it's proof that sequels sell, and Capcom continues to dial in its fan base.  Sure, sometimes it miffs (like the cancellation of Mega Man Universe), but for the most part they stay on track and deliver the goods.  And judging by what we've seen this weekend (especially with the announcement of Darkstalkers Resurrection), they're showing no signs of slowing soon.

As for the DLC…hey, that's just part of the current business strategy.  They're following the status quo.  At least some of it, like the upcoming RE6 stuff, will be free.

From @rogXue – What were your expectations going into playing River City Rampage?  Did you play on Vita or PS3?

First off, RETRO City Rampage.  You may be dwelling too much in the classics.  Heh.  But my expectations were to just get an 8-bit Grand Theft Auto with plenty of entertaining moments, and that's what I got.  And I play equally across both Vita and PS3, since you can cross-save in the Cloud rather easily.

From @bittripfan – What was your favorite parody you found while playing Retro City Rampage?

God, there are so many.  Splosion Man, Super Mario Bros. 2, the original TMNT NES game (a good stage, thankfully) and several others.  I lost count, it's so good.

From @Chronorayven – If you were asked to fight one assassin which one would you fight?  Ie: Agent 47, Connor, Corvo and so on.

Um, I really wouldn't ask to take on an assassin.  You realize they KILL PEOPLE, yes?  Still, it'd be interesting to see what Corvo's capable of when you catch him off guard.  Or maybe throw rats at him.

From @TheLerm – Will Prima be doing the guide for Metro: Last Light?

I assume so since they did the Darksiders II one…stay tuned!

From @DontJudgeMyADD – What are the pros and cons of the PS3 and Vita versions (of Retro City Rampage) respectively?

Honestly, they're about the same.  Obviously the Vita version has a more condensed screen, and the PS3 controls are a little better since the analog stick isn't so stingy, but overall they're both great versions.  And, hey, you get 'em both for one low price.  Win win.

From @pandaa_tc – Why weren't you with me at New York Comic-Con this year?

Excellent question.  First off, price.  Ridiculously high rates for hotels.  Secondly, playing too many damn video games lately.  It's Forza Horizon's fault.  And Retro City, of course.

Till next week, folks, we hope you enjoyed the mailbag!