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Madden NFL 15 Official Guide Line-up Announced

by Prima Games Staff

Prima Games Launches Madden NFL 15 Official Game Guides for All Skill Levels; Premieres for the First Time $1.99 Digital Access to the Top Offensive/Defensive Plays for Every NFL Team

14th Official Madden NFL Game Guide features print edition, online Winner’s Kit, Offense/Defense Playbook, “Problem’s” Tournament Champion Playbook, Madden NFL 15 eGuide, and ‘Teams’ iOS App

Prima Games, an imprint of Penguin Random House and the officially-licensed creator of EA SPORTS Madden NFL Official Guides since 2000, announced its launch plans today for its Madden NFL 15 Official Guides. All of Prima’s exclusive Madden NFL 15 print, online, and digital products will be available beginning on August 26th. The signature print edition, with digital codes, eGuide, and exclusive Madden Ultimate Team content will retail for $12.99.

Players of all skill levels will have the opportunity to purchase team-based digital guides ($1.99ea/$9.99 for all teams) with video tutorials that will teach them the top offensive and defensive plays for their favorite NFL teams. Other online options available at and include the Winner’s Kit ($89.99), Offense/Defense Playbook ($39.99), Problem’s Tournament Champion Playbook ($29.99), and the eGuide ($9.99/$14.99 w/team videos), which includes tutorials teaching the basics of Madden NFL 15, as well as some of the best plays in the game. These digital products are optimized for phones, tablets, and personal computers.

Madden Ultimate Team packs also return this year exclusively in the print edition and Winner’s Kit. The print edition includes a code to redeem a total of 6 Pro Packs delivered over 5 weeks. The Winner’s Kit includes a code to redeem a total of 12 Pro Packs delivered over 5 weeks. Digital content could include legend items such as Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, and Deacon Jones or some of today’s stars like Adrian Peterson, Colin Kaepernick, and Richard Sherman.

We’re very excited to work closely again with our partners at EA SPORTS to provide the most detailed and comprehensive breakdown of all things Madden NFL 15 through our Game Guides,” said Andy Rolleri, Associate Publisher of Prima Games. “We’ve invested in technology that enables players to take advantage of a second screen experience with digital guides or use the print edition with comprehensive strategy that casual and tournament level players can use to take their game to the next level.”

 The authors of the Official Game Guides are tournament-proven players Stephen “SGibs” Gibbons and Zach “ZFarls” Farley, both of whom have won multiple Madden NFL tournaments and are active and trusted members of the EA SPORTS Game Changer program. They have over 35 years of combined Madden NFL experience and are well-known in the gaming community for having co-created the “5 Sets of Success” scheme as well as hosting the weekly tip show “This Week in Madden.” Last year, to commemorate the game’s 25th Anniversary, Gibbons and Farley took on all challengers from the world of sports and gaming during their “25 Hours of Madden” marathon that coincided with the release of Madden NFL 25.

Prima is also bringing back Eric “Problem” Wright, with an updated version of his Tournament Champion Playbook. Wright has earned over $400,000 competing in, and winning, Madden NFL tournaments around the country.

In the lead-up to the launch of Madden NFL 15, Gibbons and Farley will spend several months at EA’s Tiburon Studios in Orlando, FL, and will work with EA SPORTS developers to give feedback on gameplay mechanics and help improve the Madden NFL experience.

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