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Madden NFL 15 Introduces The Gauntlet, Boss Battles

by Prima Games Staff

It’s not really a secret that we here at Prima Games are huge Madden fans, and are eagerly awaiting the release of Madden NFL 15 this coming August 26, 2014. Until now, however, not even we could have predicted the introduction of boss battles in our favorite football franchise.

With Madden NFL 15 comes The Gauntlet. Part of the Skills Trainer, this new mode will test fans throughout 40 levels of increasingly difficult challenges. Every five levels that a player completes will kick off boss battle, presenting the game in a completely unique way. As an example, your first boss battle will require you to kick a 100 yard field goal in 220 mph winds. That doesn’t sound too difficult at all…

In addition to this exciting new game mode, the Skills Trainer has seen a massive upgrade of its own. This year it will feature 48 different tutorials, covering drills and challenges, as well as football strategy and concepts. Not sure how to use the Cover 2 defense? No problem, Skills Trainer will have your back.

To see more about The Gauntlet and upgraded Skills Trainer, have a look at the video below. 

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