No More Heroes has typically seen low key releases, at least outside of Japan and some other corners of the world (Australia?). We were lucky to get a physical release of the PS3 version in North America, and that was a fluke.

But today, Limited Run Games showed us good things happen if you wait. New physical releases for both games on the Switch, as well as a set of Collector’s Editions, will go on sale for four weeks starting March 12, 2021.

Limited Run Games to Offer No More Heroes Collector’s Editions

For $34.99 each, No More Heroes and No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle will be numbers 99 and 100 for Limited Run Games, respectively.

Like other recent releases like Shiren the Wanderer and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, there will be no limit on preorders for these titles, up until the April 11 cutoff date. That includes the Collector’s Editions, which come with several extras.

Each Collector’s Edition costs $69.99, and comes with a poster, soundtrack, art book (and new interview), steelbook case and a fancy box to hold it all in.

The boxes themselves are part of the fun, as the two complement each other to form a picture of the Santa Destroy flag (the spines line up too). And if you purchase both sets, your order will ship with a Santa Destroy flag replica as well.

No More Heroes is one of my favorite series from its era, and you can tell if you look back at my boss guide for the first game. I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to roll out a boss guide for Desperate Struggle, and here it is. Thanks, Limited Run! I love excuses.

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