Lies of P Allows You To Create The Perfect Weapon

What kind of weapon do you plan on making?

Neowiz Entertainment’s soulslike game Lies of P is right around the corner. In preparation for its launch later this month, the studio released a video showcasing various weapons you can use and create.

Thanks to a video posted on the official Lies of P YouTube channel, we got a good look at how weapons will function. The video description reads:

“One of the most prominent questions we received was regarding the “Weapon Assemble” system. In this video, we introduce handpicked assembled weapons and unique weapons as well. More weapons are still left uncovered in Krat. Discover hundreds of possible combinations and find the perfect weapon for you with the “Weapon Assemble” system on September 19.”

The video shows off a series of different weapons you can create by merging two. Some of these include combining long-bladed swords with even longer handles or slapping together a giant blade with a smaller handle. If you have a hard time finding a weapon that fits your playstyle, you could probably create the perfect one for you to use.

Lies of P is scheduled to come out later this month on September 19 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, and PC. For more Lies of P content, check out our story on which voice actors will be in the game and our guide on how you play the demo.

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