It's not often you see a presidential figure physically jump into a humanoid mech and defend his or her country from attackers, but that's exactly what young President Shoko Ozora does with the Suda 51/Level-5 collaboration Liberation Maiden, which came out a few months ago for the 3DS eShop.  Today, the game is expanding to a different audience, as it's just been released for the App Store, allowing users to download it to their iPhones and iPads.

Available for $4.99, the game features high-definition visuals that take advantage of the retina display formats, as well as a variety of Game Center-supported challenges, online leaderboards, and solid controls.  And, of course, you've never seen presidential action like this.  Mech action is go!

"We are excited to be bringing an amazing, high-quality game like Liberation Maiden to iOS devices, providing a full-fledged handheld video game experience for mobile phone and tablet users," said Akihiro Hino, president and CEO of Level-5.  "Liberation Maiden for iOS redefines what a mobile game can do with the quality design, story and gameplay normally only available to console gamers."

You can download Liberation Maiden here.  Do it for your country!