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Leisure Suit Larry On Track For Return This May

by Prima Games Staff

Leisure Suit Larry has always been one of the more recognizable characters in gaming between his perverse actions, his hilarious ways with getting women, and that leisure suit of his.  But lately he’s been on a less-than-successful hit streak, especially with the release of the garbage Codemasters game that came out for Xbox 360 a few years ago.  Yikes.

But relax, his return is in good hands.  The recent Kickstarter for the Leisure Suit Larry reboot was successful and earlier this week we got a chance to talk to CEO Paul Trowe about it, who confirmed it’s not too far off.

The game will release this May across various mobile and PC platforms, as well as the Ouya when it releases a month later.  The game will feature an interesting interface that lets you tackle things in the environment while also attempting to solve puzzles and, of course, love the ladies.  It’s never easy for Larry but you know he’s going to get the job done, right?

We’ll have a first look at the Leisure Suit Larry reboot in just a few days’ time.  Oh, and if you want one more bit of good news…Austin Wintory of Journey fame is doing the soundtrack.  Yes!

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