Ah, launch days.  Sometimes they go just right and millions of gamers walk away happy with a new product.  Other times, even the slightest thing can go wrong and throw a monkey wrench into the entire process.

Case in point – Warner Bros.' Lego Lord of the Rings, which hits stores today for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, ran into a critical shipping problem.  It seems some 360 copies of the game have come with a demo, rather than the full game itself.  This is quite perplexing, though according to WB reps, it's only affecting certain shipments.  Still, check your disc before you leave the store, or the game will be screaming, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" at you.  (Note: PS3 copies are unaffected.)

Meanwhile, those of you who bought Call of Duty: Black Ops II on PC might've run into an interesting error.  Rather than giving you an install set of two discs with the game, you've only got one disc – and the second disc is Mass Effect 2.  It doesn't make much sense, but, again, check your package before you leave the store!