This week's update for the Nintendo eShop is a moderately big one, especially if you own a Nintendo 3DS system.  Let's check out what's on the shop!

First up, Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins will be available on the game's release date, this Sunday, April 21st.  The game has you guide rookie cop Chase McCain through the city, stopping crime and collecting studs in the process.  This game will cost $39.99 upon release, a good value.

Some new DLC for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity is also available, with a new Strongest Trail pack that offers a great new dungeon to explore.  Pricing hasn't been confirmed yet, but it shouldn't be that expensive.  (The free piece of DLC Poke Forest is coming on April 30th.)

The eShop is also playing host to a number of sales this week, including Liberation Maiden ($4.99), Crimson Shroud ($4.99), Aero Porter ($2.99) and Dress To Play: Cute Witches! ($1.99).  The games are on sale through Wednesday.

Finally, a number of other games became available this week, including the following…

  • Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns 3D
  • Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper
  • Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo
  • Tetris Axis
  • Witch & Hero
  • Working Dawns: Rivet Retriever (DSi)

Happy shopping and we'll see you in Lego land!