The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough Part 9 – The Thieves’ Hideout

Go in search of the powerful Sand Rod!

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The Thieves’ Hideout 

Thieves’ Town

Know the Lyrics  

When you’re set to go, head for Thieves’ Town (that used to be Kakariko Village). It’s located west of the Blacksmith’s house. Talk to the town folk here – several of them will sing a particular tune to you, and note important lyrics.  The next dungeon marked on your map with an X points to Thieves’ Hideout, but the left entrance is locked. Approach the door and knock; the guard here will give you a series of lyrics from the same song from the villagers, and you must complete the music notes to enter. No worries if you don’t remember, because we’ve got them right here! Check them below. 

  •  Answer #1: “A narrow path.” 
  • Answer #2: “Really despair.” 
  • Answer #3: “To thievin’!” 

Thieves’ Hideout  – B1

Guard Duty 

Answering the correct lyrics allows you to enter the first dungeon in Lorule. Have a chat with Spear Boy as you enter. It appears he believes you’re a new recruit and requests you to stand watch. Little does he know you’ve got bigger plans. Once the boy leaves, you’ll notice a large locked door to the southeast. You don’t have the key yet, so head in the southwest room to your left. 

Ghost ‘n Goblins  

This maze-like room has several floor switches, some gargoyle statues and bars blocking your path. Immediately merge into the left wall and squeeze through the bars in the northeast corner to reach a chest holding a Purple Rupee. Now go left and hit the crystal switch to raise the central bars in the room. Merge into the wall and squeeze through to the west side.  

In the southwest corner are two gargoyle statues. Grab ahold of one and drag it backward to the northwest narrow passage (don’t worry about the arrow booby trap; it can’t harm you with the statue in front of you). A floor tile stands out here; set the statue on the switch. Then, merge back and grab the other statue. Pull it out of the corner. 

Merge back to the crystal switch and hit it to lower the central bars. Now, drag the statue north to the central hall and place it on the floor tile. There’s one more switch you need to activate, and it’s in the same corner as the chest you collected. Merge over there and stand on the switch to unlock the north door.  

Over the Belt

Dismiss the enemy patrolling the area. Two floor switches, a conveyor belt and a chest are present in this corridor. There’s nothing you can do at the moment, so head inside the northwestern passage. You’ll be coming back here later.  

Like a Rat 

Vanquish the rats in this corridor. The two floor switches turn on the wind fans on the right and left side of the hall. Trigger them, then hop down to the floor beneath you to reach B2 and collect a Purple Rupee from the chest.  

Thieves’ Hideout  – B2 

Move the Belt  

In B2’s northwest room, several conveyor belts are spinning at high speed. Trigger the crystal switch in the room to change the direction of the belts. Then exit via the south door.  

Bomb the Switch  

Defeat the enemies present in this hall. One of the enemies – the eyeball thingy – will reappear endlessly and turn into a bomb each time you kill it. Ignore it for now and ride the conveyor belt to the east, then quickly merge into the wall so you can reach the eastern staircase. Ascend the stairs here and slash the crystal switch up top to rotate the western conveyor belt’s direction. Afterward, merge back in the wall and drop back down to the north part of the room. 

Now approach the eyeball-bomb creature and dismiss it. As the bomb emerges, pick it up and throw on the conveyor belt in the western corner. With luck, the bomb will detonate and trigger the switch, which unlocks the southern door.  


This hall doesn’t have much going on other than the crystal switch. Activating it opens a large pit and the floor disappears. Don’t worry – it folds back up. This room and switch will be important in just a bit. For now, exit via the eastern passage. 

Mirror, Mirror 

Four frames are present in this hall. You can merge into them to collect some Rupees in hearts if you like. These frames will become important in the boss battle later. Keep moving and head through the north passage. 

Thief Girl 

This large corridor consists of several prison cells. Immediately to your right, you can see a prisoner held captive. Merge through the cell bars and speak to the hostage known as Thief Girl. She gives information about a “painting,” and settles to help you out if you rescue her. Step on the floor switch next to Thief Girl to open the western doorway. Then merge out of the girl’s cell and enter the northern cell with your merging technique. Defeat the skeleton inside and grab the compass from the chest.  

Into the Walls 

Now that you’ve got the compass, head inside the western nook (where you opened the door) and merge through the northern bars. Slash the eye bomb critter, then pick up the bomb and blow up the north wall. This opens up a pathway inside the western wall of the chamber. Go in and run south, all the way down to the southwest corner cell. In there, stand on the red blocks and hit the crystal switch to reach the upper ledge. Now, stand on the blue blocks here and slash the crystal switch to the left to raise you up to the beams above the holding cells.  

Move along north above the cells to the top-left corner cell. There’s an opening in the catwalk, so jump down. Ignore the crystal switches for now and enter the northern passage inside the cell.  


Immediately equip your lamp to see inside this room. You are faced with several red Eyegores that ambush you upon entering. Back up to a corner and fend them off. It’s best to take on one at a time, but it’s nearly impossible. Once they shut their eyes, stab them with a sword to get their attention, and defend yourself against a wall by tapping B. When victorious, the dungeon portal emerges and the northern carrying a chest descends. Open the chest for a small key.  

Free Thief Girl  

You’ve now got the key to free Thief Girl! Head back down one screen to return to the prison cells. Use the crystal switches like before (by standing on the red and blue tiles) to raise yourself above the cell, and then drop back down to the hall on your right. Go over to Thief Girl’s cell and unlock the door. She agrees to show you the location of the painting. Be sure to press A to the girl when the game notes to “lead.” 

Not so Sweet Escape  

As the both of you attempt to leave, the southern door slams shut. Thief girl notes you two can escape from the northern passage. Head to the north end to discover two floor switches. Lead Thief Girl to one of the switches (so she stands on it). Then, approach her and press A to “separate” the two of you. Doing so will have her stay on position while you step on the other floor switch. When both switches are active, the door to the east opens.  

Serve & Protect  

Numerous pig minions block your attempt to escape in the northeast hall. The problem with these foes is that their only goal is to grasp Thief Girl – and if they do, you’ll have to restart from the prison section. Have Thief Girl wait in the narrow passage where you entered, then guard her life by standing in front of her. The monsters won’t be able to reach her from this point, and you can bring down each foe easily. Once you clear the way, the northern door unlocks. Take the passage down to B3.  

Thieves’ Hideout – B3

Flooded Basement 

In B3’s first hall, head south and cross the walkway. You can see a floor switch across the pit to the right; merge into the wall to get to the other side. Stand on the switch to form a bridge for Thief Girl to cross, then lead her down the path below. Some bars block the route at the end, so merge through them and leave Thief Girl behind for a second. Slash the rats in your way, then dive into the water. 

London Bridge  

Swim to the west side dock with two floor switches. Ignore them for the moment and follow the dock to the north. At the dead end, you’ll see a gold bridge resting on the left wall; merge into the wall and slip behind it, then morph outside the wall to knock the bridge over. Now you’ve got alternative routes! Head back to Thief Girl and lead her across the bridge you formed. Approach the two floor switches to the south and have both of you stand on them. This lowers the water gate in the southern passage. 

Drain the Basement  

Thief Girl can’t swim, so leave her once again and dive into the passage you opened. Swim under the small bridge and surface on the east side to discover a lever. Pulling it will drain the water in the hall. Return to Thief Girl (from the stairs) and lead her to the lower level. Don’t miss the chance to snag a Silver Rupee from the central chest nearby; you can now merge through the bars and reach it.  

Bomb the Switch 

Lead Thief Girl to the lower east path where the lever is. Position the two of you on the blue blocks, then hit the crystal switch to raise you both up to the upper ledge. Head to the southwest corner and stand on the red blocks. There’s a crystal switch on the other side of the southern wall. Equip a bomb and toss one over to the switch; if you hit it, the red blocks will raise the both of you above ground.  

Another Bridge  

Have Thief Girl wait on top of the red blocks, because guards are present in the south section. Hop down and defeat them, then nail the crystal switch two times while standing on the blocks to get back up to Thief Girl. Now, before the two of you descend, merge into the western wall and work your way counterclockwise to the eastern wall. There’s another bridge set against the wall there; burst it out when you slip behind it. 

Master Ore Chest 

Once the area is cleared, lead Thief Girl to the west side of the room. Two floor switches rest on the ground. Have both characters stand on each one to open up a large hidden passage, leading to several Rupees and a large chest. Open the chest to claim the Master Ore; a useful item you can bring to the Blacksmith to upgrade your Master Sword! When it’s all said and done, return to Thief Girl and lead her to the southeastern exit across the bridge.  

Thieves’ Hideout  – B2 

Team Switch’n, Back Again  

Returning to B2’s southeast room, you’ll notice two floor switches: one on the lower level, and the other on the upper catwalk. Have Thief Girl stand on the lower switch, then ascend the staircase in the bottom-right corner. Merge into the wall to get across the upper catwalk and reach the second switch ahead. This unlocks the western door, but watch out! More of those pesky pig minions appear and attempt to take Thief Girl. Immediately drop down and defeat them. Afterward, lead Thief Girl to the west side of the hall. Open the chest for some monster guts, then exit via the southwest door.  

Back to the Pit 

Arriving back in the south central hall of B2 (with the mirror frames), head through the west door to return to the large pit room. More goblins attempt to capture the poor girl again, but if you remember correctly, the crystal switch in this room triggers the floor to collapse. Run over to the west corner and hit the switch; most if not all of the moblins will fall! Defeat the remainder of the foes, then head up north. 

Over the Belt  

Go north once more to arrive back in the conveyor belt hall. Additional moblins will ambush you. Swipe them quickly (if you’re lucky, they may fall off the belt). Afterward, approach the second conveyor belt and be sure it’s direction is rolling east. If it isn’t, merge into the western wall and hit the northern crystal switch. Having the belt spin towards the wall will prevent Thief Girl from falling into the pit. When it’s safe to cross, lead the way to the northwestern passage back to B1. 

Blow Her Breath Away 

You remember this room, don’t you? Two wind fans rest on the left and right side walls. The fans will be your key to getting out of this hall. Vanquish the rats to secure the area. Now have Thief Girl stand in front of the western fan, then merge into the left wall and crossover to southern walkway. Step on the central floor switch; the fan will boost Thief Girl way over to the eastern catwalk. Do the same and have the fan burst you over to her.  

Lead Thief Girl to the south end of this catwalk where the other fan lies and position her in front of it. After, run to the north and stand on the right-side floor switch; she’ll be blown over to the central catwalk. Float over there from the fan to reunite with her. Now just head south, cross the bridge, and then exit through the southern passage.  

More Treasures 

You are now in the room above the conveyor belts. Have both characters stand on the two floor switches here to open up the wall in the northeast corner. Behind there rests a chest containing a Silver Rupee. When finished, exit by going through the southern passage. This returns you to the gargoyle statue room. Two moblins emerge in this room, but you can easily block them off from the crystal switch that raises the bars. Defeat them both to unlock the western passage, leading you back to Thieves’ Hideout’s main entrance.  

Still Trapped

Link and Thief Girl will once more be cut off from the dungeon’s exit. What does it take to leave this place?! Theif Girl hopes you have the large key to unlock the giant gate to the east…yet you don’t have it. Jog north and cross the bridge to discover a large chest on an upper ledge, as well as two floor switches. With both characters, stand on the floor switches to activate the mirror frame. The frame moves to the west and east sides of the room. Ascend the small stairs to the right, wait for the frame, and then merge into it. Stay in the frame and let it carry you to the large chest. Open it up to finally claim the big key.  

One Last Chest 

Before you enter the boss chamber, head inside the western passage from the central bridge to reach a chest in the other room. Open it for a Purple Rupee. Now that you’re set to go, jog back to the entrance and unlock the large door to the east.  


This massive beast wields both a sword and shield and has a large range of attacks. Move to the side when he slashes his sword; you’ve got plenty of room to get by. The most accurate way to attack him is by merging into his shield when he defends himself. The boss will be confused and clueless to your whereabouts. Wait for him to turn all the way around, then morph out of his shield and unleash some sword hits. 

Shortly after inflicting damage, the monster throws his shield away, and is now only armed with his sword. His attacks are much faster this time around, and you’ll have to fight the beast straight on. If he misses his sword thrust, his blade will be stuck in the ground temporarily; this is your best opportunity to execute any attacks. The other threat the boss brings forth is his spinning attack. Do not fiddle around – move to the outer edges and jog around him. 

Stalbind’s last phase has the monster detach his head, while he performs a deadly three-hit sword combo. Stay clear and a great distance as he attacks, then follow up with some sword swipes on his main body. His head spits some black magic out of his mouth as well that can injure Link. It’s a pain to deal with considering you’ve got his main body to worry about, so move around the room until it floats away from its body before deploying any offense. 

Get the Picture? 

After you defeat Stalbind, Thief Girl rejoins the party. She keeps her promise and leads Link to a small house in Thieves’ Town. Follow her there and grab the full Heart Container, then examine the portrait on the wall.  You will witness a cinema and meet the first sage you rescue: Osfala. Surprised by Link’s rescue, he offers a gift in return and gives you the Sand Rod.  Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use it right away, since the sage claims he borrowed it from Ravio, and Ravio’s bird comes in and snatches it! Head back to the Hyrule dimension and claim the Sand Rod for 800 Rupees – or rent it. 

The Sand Rod 

The Sand Rod is a useful tool which spawns sand blocks in sand areas that you can walk or merge into. It allows you to reach new grounds – and more importantly, you’ll gain access to Desert Palace. 

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