The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough Part 8 – Exploring Lorule

The Seven Sages need your help!

With Master Sword in hand, Link continues on his dangerous quest in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. If you need help, that’s why we published this free walkthrough! For more in-depth strategies, check out Prima’s Collector’s Edition Guide, along with this extremely limited Legend of Zelda Box Set.

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Exploring Lorule  

Lorule Field  

Kicked Out 

After everything that has transpired, Link awakens in the Lorule, a vastly diverse yet similar world to Hyrule. Link was taken in by a blacksmith’s wife, and she insists on him leaving now. Exit the house. Princess Hilda will soon contact you telepathically and give you some general advice on how the dark world works, and that he must save the seven sages to stand against the evil resurrected. When the conversation ends, activate the weather vane at the Blacksmith’s house and save your game.  

Tough as Nails 

Warning! Lorule has superior enemies than Hyrule. In other words, enemies you encounter are tougher, deal more damage and require additional diminishing to defeat. Stock up on your hearts and use multiple weapons if needed! 

Seven Descendants 

Princess Hilda has told you that in order to stop Yuga and his beastly friend, you need to rescue the seven sages locked away in seven separate dungeons. All of the dungeons are marked on your map as an X. Though you can tackle them in any order, we suggest following our walkthrough here because some are much more difficult than others.  

Warping Method 

Now that you have descended into the depths of Lorule, you have the opportunity to warp back and forth between the two worlds. Unlike the Magic Mirror in A Link to the Past, Between Two Worlds has a different and easier method to warp – small cracks decorated with a colorful barrier can be entered by using your merging ability. You can slip into and out of these to end up in Hyrule or shift back to Lorule. They are scattered in several locations in the over world. 

Where’s My House? 

Ever wonder what Link’s house looks in Lyrule? Let’s head there. It’s in the same spot as Hyrule. Don’t remember? From the Blacksmith’s home, head east, south and then southeast. Dispose of the pig guard roaming here (use your bow if you need to), and be sure to save at the weather vane. Enter the house to find out it’s abandoned. There’s a chest inside here, but you won’t be able to reach it yet. Bummer! 

While we’re here, though, you should test out the warping method. Head outside and look at the bottom of the cliff in front of the home. See that glowing crack in the wall? Merge into the wall and slip through. Bam! You’re now back in Hyrule. As mentioned before, finding these portals are crucial and are required to access new areas and dungeons. If you need to visit Ravio (in Hyrule), do so now. 

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