The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough Part 7 – The Master Sword

Link acquires his trademark blade.

The Master Sword, Link’s iconic weapon. It was bound to show up in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. How do you get it? We’ll show you how. For more in-depth strategies, check out Prima’s Collector’s Edition Guide, along with this extremely limited Legend of Zelda Box Set.

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For the complete walkthrough, visit Prima’s free A Link Between Worlds guide.

The Master Sword 

Nintendo Power  

When you emerge victorious, grab the full Heart Container. Link is then awarded the final gem: the Pendant of Power. Once you claim it, Sahasrahla will contact Link telepathically. You’ve collected all three pendants and proven yourself to be a true hero. It’s now time to claim your prize: the Master Sword!  

Lost Woods 

I’m Lost

The only route to the Lost Woods as of now is in the northwest corner of Hyrule. Simply fast-travel to Kakariko Village using your bell (Irene apparently is missing, but her broom still works). Lift up the small rocks and enter the woods path ahead. Head north and you’ll stumble upon a large gray pillar. There’s nothing you can do as of now, so jog through the log to find a sign. 

Piece of Heart 

If you desire a heart container, head through the log to the right and merge into the narrow passage roughly in the middle (south). You can squeeze through and claim an easily-accessible Piece of Heart! Afterward, backtrack west and enter the northern log to officially arrive in the Lost Woods.  

Ghost Follower

You encounter a group of Poes at the entrance to the Lost Woods. One particular Poe states that he can lead you to the correct path, and if you follow him, you can venture even deeper in the woods. Watch the particular Poe carefully, as the other ghosts shuffle around him. Unfortunately, the correct path is random each time, so you’ll have to have good eyes! If you’re wrong, you’ll end up back at the Lost Woods’ entrance and have to retry.  

Poe Game: Part 2

If you choose the correct path, proceed into the next log to discover the Poes again. This time, however; the Poes challenge you to keep track of two of them. The catch? Do NOT follow the two ghosts that are hinted. Again, this puzzle is random, so pay close attention! 

Poe’s Final Test 

The final test from the ghosts requires you to avoid following three particular Poes. Is this crazy or what? Luckily, this puzzle isn’t randomized – the correct route is the same log that you entered from. Simply turn around, head through the other log and discover the 

Master Sword!  

The Sword of Evil’s Bane 

The Master Sword rests on the pedestal surrounded by animals and whistles from the birds. Approach the legendary blade and pull it out of its pedestal from its backside. You can feel the power! Upon grabbing the sword, Sahasrahla contacts Link telepathically again, and states he must make haste to Hyrule Castle.  

Don’t Rent – Buy 

Before you head off to Hyrule Castle to save Princess Zelda, make a stop at Link’s House again. Speak to Ravio to hear some good news: he’s now selling items and weapons for a (cough) reasonable price. In reality, the price is stiff, but purchasing an item allows you to keep the item forever. It’s highly unlikely you’ve got enough cash to buy all the equipment, but whatever Rupees you have saved up, by all means, spend them! 

Ravio gives you a half-off discount on your first purchase, so we recommend buying the Ice Rod. Why? It’s simple: this bad boy will freeze your most difficult adversaries and aid you in battle – and it’s also one of the most expensive offers. If you have any extra cash, feel free to snag bombs, the boomerang and/or the Hookshot. Remember, you can always rent as well. The Sand Rod won’t be available until you complete the Thieves’ Hideout. 

  • Ice Rod (1200 Rupees)
  • Hookshot (800 Rupees)
  • Tornado Rod (800 Rupees)
  • Bombs (800 Rupees)
  • Bow (800 Rupees)
  • Sand Rod (800 Rupees)
  • Hammer (800 Rupees)
  • Boomerang (800 Rupees)
  • Fire Rod (1200 Rupees)  

Hyrule Castle  

Smash the Barrier  

Meet up with Sahasrahla at Hyrule Castle’s main gate. He insists on testing out that new blade of yours and destroy the barrier blocking the castle’s entrance. Swipe the gate with the Master Sword and…ta-da! The barrier is gone! Sahasrahla then requests Link to head inside the castle and rescue Princess Zelda. 

Hyrule Castle – 1F

Nighty Knight  

Hyrule Castle is heavily guarded by Yuga’s dark knights. Many knights have different forms of attacks with their bows, swords, bombs or spears. Block their distance attacks and use your distant sword beam if you have full health. Most of them can block your sword stabs with their weapon, so try attacking from a diagonal position.   

There are two paths you can take to reach the outer roof area to the castle. Head to the northern balcony in the main hall and exit either from the west or east passage. From either path, go south and head through the exit leading outside. From the roof area, enter the central path with the white Triforce symbol. 

Hyrule Castle – 2F

Menacing Mace  

A large knight waving a mace guards the north hall. To dodge his threats, simply merge into the wall. You can also aggressively strike him to postpone his attacks, or block his attack with your shield. When you defeat him, the east door opens. Head through, dismiss the guards in the next hall, and then ascend the stairs leading to the third floor.  

Hyrule Castle – 3F

Knight Party  

The third floor’s first room requires you to eliminate all the knights present. Your spin attack should become quite useful, as it allows you to strike multiple foes at once. One of the knights guards the upper balcony to the east – merge into the western wall at the top of the stairs and slip over there to defeat him.  

Statue’s Come Alive 

The central room of 3F pits you against multiple Armos. Nothing you won’t have a problem handling. Dismiss all of them to open the south door. The path leads to the backside balcony of the castle. Collect the Rupees and hearts by merging in the walls if you’d like, then proceed up the stairs to the fourth floor.  

Hyrule Castle – 4F

Zelda’s Portrait  

Link encounters Yuga and Princess Zelda exchanging heated words. Soon enough, the lovely princess is turned into nothing but a frame, and Yuga takes off with her while leaving his minions after you. Defeat the knights then ascend the stairs to the fifth floor.  

Hyrule Castle – 5F

Skippy & Slippy  

The fifth floor’s first room is a breeze. Dash through and vanquish the knights in your way; just be careful of the soldier tossing bombs your way from the high balcony. Exit via the south door to arrive at the backside balcony. Go left, collect any hearts in the walls, and then head through the west passage leading to 6F.  

Hyrule Castle – 6F 

No Fiddling 

The sixth floor is much like 5F. Do not waste any time because some of the knights are accurate archers. Use your dash ability to get through here quickly, but avoid battling knights on the stairwells (it’s hard to hit them). Reach the exit from the east side and you’re home free. On the eastern balcony, defeat the guard, snag the Rupees and hearts in the wall, then proceed through the passage ahead. The stairway passage nearby leads to the seventh floor.  

Hyrule Castle – 7F 

Wall Decorations 

The seventh floor is just for decoration, technically, but it’s worth noting that you can grab some health and cash by merging into the walls. Once you’re finished, take the left or right southern passage to the backside balcony, and then reach the eighth floor from the west staircase. 


This fight is largely similar to your first encounter with Yuga. This time, however, the evil wizard morphs himself into three separate entities – only one is the real Yuga. He also has a new form of attack; he unleashes lightning bolts from multiple corners of the room. To predict their emergence, check for the light lines on the walls and move to the side or in between them.  

Yuga has developed a defense for arrows, so the bow isn’t quite useful here. Your weapon of choice should be the Master Sword. You want to get up close and personal with the boss; one strike with the Master Sword will stun Yuga in an instant and give you a chance to deal multiple sword hits. If you attack the wizard’s clones, they will transform into knights. For Yuga to reappear from the walls, you’re required to defeat his minions to continue the fight. The number of knights increase over the course of the battle, so don’t be shy in using your hammer or bombs when it gets crowded. 

A stairwell to Hell 

After the battle, Yuga is disgusted with Link’s efforts, and escapes from the north passage. Follow him outside and across the castle’s long bridge. The path leads you inside a bedroom. Slice the curtain on the wall to reveal a glowing cracked passage. Merge into the wall and slide through. Link is then transferred into another dimension. 

Dark World 

This alternative world is the exact opposite to Hyrule; dark, colorful and reversed. What sort of mess is Link stuck in now? Exit the bedroom the same way you came in. You’ll notice this castle mirrors Hyrule Castle  – everything is in the opposite direction. Follow the path to the east and head north to encounter Yuga again. There you’re treated to a lengthy cinema. Let’s just say we won’t spoil anything here.

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