The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough Part 4 – The Eastern Palace

Can you handle the Power Glove?

With the first dungeon finished, you continue the epic journey in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. What surprises will you discover? What weapons will you find? We’ll answer that and more in this free walkthrough, which continues right now. For more in-depth strategies, check out Prima’s Collector’s Edition Guide, along with this extremely limited Legend of Zelda Box Set.

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For the complete walkthrough, visit Prima’s free A Link Between Worlds guide.

Exploring Hyrule 

Hyrule Field 

Harry Potter Called 

As you leave Hyrule Castle, you may have noticed a witch hovering around on her broom. Follow her trail by traveling east from Link’s house. You will meet up with her at the bridge. The witch’s name is Irene, and she gladly presents you with the bell.This helpful instrument gives you first-class travel – Irene will transfer you to any weather vane you’ve activated thus far. Use the item by the bottom touch screen icon. She also mentions her grandmother’s potion shop behind the Eastern Palace, and suggests visiting there. Not only can you access another weather vane and traveling point, but also refill your life from the Witch’s Shop – for free!  

Easy Piece of Heart  

Go to the Blacksmith’s house. The Blacksmith’s wife will mention Gully went missing, and may have been lost in the woods to the south. Whether you choose to look for him or not, there’s an easy Heart Piece you can grab behind the Blacksmith’s house with your new merging ability. Simply merge into the wall and slip in the backyard – it’s resting on the ledge behind there.  

Obtain the Pouch  

Since Gully is missing, it wouldn’t hurt to check on the poor lad. His last whereabouts were the woods just south of the Blacksmith’s house. You’ll need to travel on the east side of the woods and then enter from its center path. Check the central log in the area to discover the pouch resting on it. Gully was last seen carrying it. This item allows you to carry an additional weapon. In this case, another item or weapon can be equipped with the X button. Extremely helpful for a hero indeed! 

The Power Glove 

Are you tired of not having the ability to lift simple rocks that block your path? Then head to Miner’s House. The house is north of the Blacksmith’s hut; four screens up. Inside, you’ll meet a fellow named Rosso smashing and lifting some rocks. Have a chat with him and he’ll give you the Power Glove. This item gives Link the capability of lifting small rocks and tossing them with great strength. Hold A on a rock to pick it up, and to throw one. This is a crucial item that is needed to complete the game, and will allow you to enter inaccessible areas you could not before.  

Zora’s Domain 

Need some Flippin’ Flippers  

Now you need to get your feet wet and learn how to swim. Head east from the Witch’s Shop and talk to Zora. Zora’s Domain appears to be inaccessible thanks to the bridge being out, but you can use your merge skill to reach it from the right-side wall next to the sign.  Fight your way north in the next area and stay in the shallow waters to prevent yourself from drowning.  

You encounter that same shady guy at the waterfall. It seems he’s up to no good and runs off as if he stole something. The good news is he revealed a secret passage behind the waterfall for you. Enter the cave behind the waterfall. Here you’ll meet Queen Oren, who’s seen better days. It appears that shady fellow stole the queen’s smooth gem and causes her to grow massively out of the water.  It’s time to play hero again and track that thief!  

Kakariko Village 

Taking it Back

Give your bell a spin and travel back to Kakariko Village. Chat with the street merchant at the north section to find out he’s selling that smooth gem the shady man stole from the queen. The gem isn’t cheap, and costs 200 Rupees, but trust us – it’ll be worth it in the long run!  

Get the Pegasus Boots

Before leaving Kakariko Village, it’s important to snag another crucial item that will aid you in your adventure. That thief is roaming in the village in front of Sahasrahla’s house. He’s quick on his feet, however, and will escape your attempt to talk to him. So how do you catch him?   

Merge into the hill on the right side of Sahasrahla’s house (just above the thief), and then approach him from behind. Merging out of the wall will catch the crook by surprise, and he’ll confess his guilt. On top of that, he’ll grant you the Pegasus Boots. Now you’re capable of dashing through enemies and getting around land much quicker! Hold L and release to use the dash maneuver.  

At last, the Flippers 

Return the smooth gem to the Oren at Zora’s Domain and throw it in the pool to cure the curse upon her. The queen will transform back to normal, and because she’s grateful for your deeds, you’re rewarded Zora’s Flippers. Press A to dive and B to swim faster. With the fins, you can now swim into deep water and access greater depths of Hyrule. Diving allows you to grab items such as Rupees underwater. 

Link’s House 

Ravio’s Shop 

When it’s all said and done, return to Link’s house. It seems Ravio has drastically changed our hero’s home and turned it into a shop! This is a good thing, however; you now have the opportunity to rent various items and weapons from Ravio for a variety of fees. There’s a catch though – if you die in the game, Ravio’s bird will snatch the item(s), and you’ll need to purchase them again if this occurs. Of course, you could always quit your game and restart from your last save to avoid this hassle. The available items are as follows:

  • Hammer (20 Rupees)
  • Boomerang (50 Rupees)
  • Fire Rod (100 Rupees)
  • Ice Rod (100 Rupees)
  • Hookshot (50 Rupees)
  • Tornado Rod (20 Rupees) 
  • Bombs (50 Rupees)

You can rent as many items as you want, but if you’re looking to complete the main story (and follow this walkthrough), you only need the Tornando Rod to gain access to the next dungeon, along with the flippers. However, we recommend renting some bombs and the boomerang or Hookshot. Trust us, you’ll thank us later! 

Venture Off 

Now that you’ve gathered plenty of important items and upgraded your inventory, you’re free to explore additional areas in Hyrule. Because this walkthrough generally covers the main quest and story, your next stop – marked on your map – is the House of Gales in Lake Hylia located in the southeast section of Hyrule. 

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