The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough Part 2 – Seeking Sahasrahla

Link's epic 3DS journey continues!

You made it out of Link’s house. Now it’s time to get into the thick of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Up next? You need to track down the mysterious Sahasrahla; say that three times fast. If you’re having trouble, no worries. Here’s part 2 of our free walkthrough.

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Seeking Sahasrahla

Back at Link’s House  

Ravishing Ravio  

After all the tragic events, Link is awakened by a traveling merchant named Ravio. Seems like you’ve been saved! Listen to Ravio and his shenanigans, then allow him to stay at your house. If you’re nice, you’ll receive Ravio’s Bracelet. Although it appears to be a smelly-old bracelet, it may become useful. Ravio will mention you should head to Hyrule Castle and pass on the events that transpired. It wouldn’t hurt to save while you’re here! 

Hyrule Castle Return  

Princess of Destiny 

Return to Hyrule Castle. The gate is now open, and allows you to enter the inner-courtyard. Run past the soldiers that are combat training and approach the guard at the castle’s entrance ahead. Have a chat with him, and Impa will soon introduce herself and greet you inside the castle. Impa semi-believes Link’s story, and leaves to seek Princess Zelda. You have to wait until the princess summons you, so kill some time and examine all the portraits in the gallery to learn some cool Zelda history.

Once your history lesson is complete, Impa will summon you to Princess Zelda’s room. Ascend the stairs to the right and follow her inside to speak to Princess Zelda. Zelda asks you to find Sahasrahla, an elderly fellow who lives in Kakariko Village that can perhaps help with the recent events. She will also give you a special Charm that she’s held since she was born. It looks as if things are getting quite serious now!   

Kakariko Village 

Busy, Busy! 

Kakariko Village is now marked on your map. It is located just west of Hyrule Castle. To get there easily, head to the Blacksmith’s house and exit west one screen. There’s much to do in Kakariko Village. More importantly, some items are available that are worth getting now. Check these steps below. 

Get a Bottle 

The first thing that will help you in your adventure is an empty bottle. For Zelda gurus, you know how important these are! Go to the north part of town and speak to the merchant resting on a carpet. For 100 Rupees, you can purchase an empty bottle. Empty bottles can store numerous objects such as milk, bees and so much more!  

On the Net 

Much like A Link to the Past, in order to store items in a bottle, you’ll need a net. Once you purchase an empty bottle, head to the “Bee” house in the south part of town. Talk with the bee creature and he’ll grant you the net. He asks you to capture bees for a luxurious award with the net, but you’ll be capable of snagging anything you please with it.  

Get a Shield  

What else does a hero need for his travels and during combat? Oh yeah – a shield. You can purchase a shield at Kakariko Village’s shop in the northwest section. It’s only 50 Rupees, and will allow Link to defend himself in battle.  

Cash Flow 

Need some dough? Try slashing grass and breaking barrels. Worth noting is the Red Rupee (x20) inside the cave to the north. You can exit/re-enter houses to respawn barrels and such without the need to wander far when searching for cash.   

Piece of Heart 

One of the first Heart Pieces you can grab is inside the northern cave on the high ledge. To get there, grab a Cucco and hover to the hole passage to the left of the cave.  

Find Sahasrahla 

Are you done checking out Kakariko Village? OK then, it’s time to meet Sahasrahla. Sahasrahla’s house is pinned on your map at the north part of the village. You will have an interesting conversation with him about the history of Hyrule, the Seven Sages and Ganon. Notice the cool theme here. 

Osfala, Sahasrahla’s handy man, was sent to investigate a strange man wandering around the Eastern Palace. He insists Link goes to the Eastern Palace, and pins the site on your map.  Before you head there, however, there’s a classic weapon you’ll need to enter the palace.  

Return to Link’s House

Rent the Bow

Return to Link’s house and talk to Ravio. He’ll ask you what symbol was encrypted around the palace. The answer, of course, is the Bow and Arrow! When you select it, he’ll reward you with the Rented Bow. Additionally, a meter will pop up on your screen. This is Ravio’s meter – every item you obtain and use from the merchant will deplete from the meter.  Let it run out, and you won’t be able to use it for a while! 

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