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Legacy of Kain Series Returns With Free-to-Play Nosgoth

by Prima Games Staff

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a game in the Legacy of Kain franchise, which first got its start on the original PlayStation and saw a number of stellar third-person action games, including the unforgettable Soul Reaver. Today, Square Enix finally unveiled details on the latest chapter in the series, an online multiplayer game called Nosgoth.

Developed by Psyonix, a studio consisting of members from the XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Bulletstorm and Mass Effect 3 teams, it’s a multiplayer-oriented game where warriors are pitted against vampires.

While not a full-fledged Legacy of Kain single-player title, Nosgoth certainly has promise, as you can see in the trailer below. You can find more information – and details on how to join the closed beta for the game – at the official website.

Nosgoth is set for release sometime next year.