Left 4 Dead 2 is out on PC and Xbox 360 on 17th November, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun have reported a few details on it.

The sequel will bring five new campaign missions, and is based in New Orleans. It’ll apparently have a much deeper story to connect the missions and lets players really get to know the new characters of the game. These new characters are made up of a high-school football coach, a female cable news reporter, a mechanic and a conman.

L4D2 features the zombies of the last game mixed up with a few new beasts. The new uns include the Charger, who has a massive arm for whacking players into the air, the Wandering Witch, who is now on foot but still doesn’t like being disturbed.

L4D2 introduces melee weapons like the frying pan, chainsaw and axe, plus there’s a new semi-automatic shotgun and sniper rifle. The zombies’ deaths are a lot more realistic now, with new ragdoll physics and one of them is resistant to fire.

The AI director can now change the level round, alter the weather and change the time.

There are moments described as “gauntlets”. in which you’ll be sent along narrow bridges and suchlike with Infected attacking from all around.

There’s a podcast with the game’s designer Chet Faliszek, and we should be publishing a preview very soon.