Riot Games officially revealed the newest champion to arrive in League of Legends and its none other than an adorable cat by the name of Yuumi. Though some were already aware of the latest champion due to an earlier leak, the studio gave us our first look at Yuumi in action with the video below. 

According to the latest champion's lore, "Born with magical powers of protection, Yuumi enjoyed a life of leisure for many years, pouncing on sunbeams and napping beneath the mouse-trees. Whenever adventure sparked her interest, she joined Norra on explorations across the material and spirit realms. Norra spent her time collecting strange objects like broken cups, shards of colored glass, and fabric with funny stitching. She examined each artifact with deep reverence, though Yuumi never understood their purpose. Nevertheless, Yuumi would use her magic to protect Norra from harm, and would warm her feet when they returned home.

"The doorways between realms are finicky and seldom open, even to creatures as dexterous as cats. Yuumi watched as other yordles waited for days for the eastern star to align with a particular stone archway, or waded impatiently between marsh-lilies, seeking a silver blossom blooming from the mud--only then would a pathway appear. But Yuumi's yordle, Norra, possessed the powerful Book of Thresholds, which allowed her to instantly travel anywhere depicted in its pages. When Norra opened a portal, she and Yuumi would gleefully dive into its glowing paper and arrive at their destination, joined a moment later by the book.

"Yuumi never paid the book much attention until one starless night, when she returned home from luring moon-moths with her shinylight to find Norra missing. She saw the book on her master's desk and flipped through its pages in a panic, noticing that some were torn out entirely. Unable to read its title, Yuumi cried out to it in distress, calling it, simply, "Book". In response, the book wiggled, and Yuumi was surprised to learn she could understand thoughts amidst the rustling paper. Despite not having a voice, Book made itself loud and clear. Yuumi learned that Norra had gone somewhere so perilous, she had destroyed the portal as she traveled."

The lore continues by revealing Yuumi's new mission to rescue Norra and how the Book came to play a key role in this attempt. With limitless magic at Yuumi's disposal, the relationship between both the Book and Yuumi became inseperable and Yuumi became a force to be reckoned with. Though Yuumi continues to search for her master, League players can harness the powers for themselves with the champion eventually makes it into the MOBA. 

You can learn more about Yuumi, and her abilities, right here after you're done watching her epic reveal in the newest preview from Riot.