Microsoft has revealed its latest sale titles in time for the holidays, and there are some truly tremendous bargains here if you've got some Xbox Live points lying around.  But just keep in mind, these games are on sale today, Thursday the 20th, only, with some more slated to be marked down starting tomorrow.

For today, here's what you can get…

Fez- 400 Microsoft points ($5)

Hell Yeah!- 600 Microsoft points ($6.50)

Sonic Adventure 2- 400 Microsoft points ($5)

Rayman Origins Games on Demand- $9.99 (or 800 Microsoft points)

Rayman 3 HD- 400 Microsoft points ($5.00)

Mark of the Ninja- 600 Microsoft points ($6.50)

Trine 2- 400 Microsoft points ($5)

Some awesome deals here, especially Mark of the Ninja and Fez, which are two of the year's best games.  And we can never get enough Rayman Origins.

Head on over to the Xbox Live Marketplace and get to shopping!