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The Last of Us | Firefly Pendant Locations | Tommy’s Dam [VIDEO]

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome back to our daily guide walking you through the locations of all the Firefly pendants in The Last of Us. Today we are covering Tommy’s Dam where you will find two pendants. For those who prefer a written guide you can find it down below. If you would rather see the locations via YouTube be sure to click the embedded video.

If you missed the previous chapter, The Suburbs, be sure to check it out. Check back tomorrow for The University featuring five Firefly pendants.

Pendant 1

A bit after Tommy shows you a photo of Sarah. Follow him as he gives you a tour of the facility. Once you enter a room with several workers head to the left side of the room and out the door to the right of the work bench. Go down to the bottom of the stairs and enter the room on your right. The Firefly pendant is on a shelf.

Pendant 2

After arriving at the ranch house by horseback head into the building. There is a series of three rooms on the right side of the house. Go to the very back room where you will see a fire place. You will find the pendant on an old desk.


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