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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

by Prima Games Staff

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just another day in this never-ending pandemic, there’s never been a better time to build out that man cave or she shed. You don’t even need a lot of space to bring classic arcade games to life outside of your phone, console or PC arenas. Here are a few last-minute gifts that will bring some love to any gamer in your life.

Ms. Pac-Man Counter Cade, Arcade1Up, $150 – Pac-Man and his girl, Ms. Pac-Man, are one of the oldest video game couples out there, so in this season of love they top the list. has an assortment of gift ideas featuring these classic games. The Ms. Pac-Man Counter Cade features an 8-ich color screen and full-sized joystick to play through the assorted levels of dot-chomping fun. Also included are Pac-Man Plus, Galaga and Dig Dug II. There’s also a harder-to-find Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Counter Cade that features the original Pac-Man and Pac & Pal. But given the games included alongside Ms. Pac-Man, it’s a much better deal for the price and good for last-minute gifting.

Ms. Pac-Man Tabletop Game, Arcade1Up, $500 – Back in the day, tabletop gaming was popular beyond the arcades at restaurants and bars. This Ms. Pac-Man Head to Head Arcade Table from comes with eight games for two players to compete in. The solid collection of retro titles includes: Super Pac-Man, Pac-Mania, Pac-Land, Galaga, Galaxian and Dig Dug 1 & II. This table stands at 29 inches tall and features authentic graphics and sounds from the original games. Slide up a pair of chairs and take on a loved one. This table is cozy enough to fit just about anywhere.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Machine, Arcade1Up, $370 – When it comes to celebrating love, these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are devoted to pizza as well as intrepid reporter sidekick, April. So in keeping with the Valentine’s theme, gamers of all sexes will have plenty to love about this old school beat-em-up side-scroller. The cabinet, which includes a riser to offer that authentic standing experience, comes with Konami’s original TMNT game and its sequel, Turtles in Time. There’s 4-player co-op for the whole family to get in on the action, and what’s not to love about coming together around a 17-inch screen to defeat Shredder and his minions.

Polaroid At Home Photo Booth, Arcade1Up, $350 – Everything from vinyl records to Polaroid cameras are back in style. Now you can bring a variation of that classic photo booth into your home with the Polaroid at Home Photo Booth, which is available in red or white (both V-Day colors!). This “booth” hangs on any wall or sits on any counter, allowing users to pick out from an assortment of custom filters, borders, stickers and special effects using the 10-inch touchscreen. It prints 2-inch and 3-inch photos using Zero Ink Technology. And QR codes can be shared across mobile devices for digital versions.

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