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Konami and Bloober Team Announce Strategic Partnership

by Morgan Shaver

In a press release earlier today, it was revealed that Konami and Bloober Team have signed a partnership agreement that includes jointly developing “selected contents” although the exact nature of what’ll be developed has yet to be disclosed. 

One of the more popular theories floating around is one that’s been passed around before, including by us… that Bloober Team could be developing a Silent Hill game. Key word here is could as we want to be careful to outline nothing has been confirmed in regards to Silent Hill, or any other game for that matter.

Konami and Bloober Team Announce Strategic Partnership

It’s official, Bloober Team and Konami are working on… something. The press release that went out today was careful not to name anything specific, and is kept relatively brief.

Essentially, Konami and Bloober Team have “signed a strategic cooperation agreement” which includes “jointly developing selected contents and exchanging know-how” with the word “contents” repeated throughout.

What sort of contents could Konami and Bloober Team be working on? Well, the going theory is that it’s something related to Silent Hill, and many of the clues uncovered in the past seem to point towards this being possible.

Back in February, we wrote a speculative piece where we gathered up all of the clues that hinted at Bloober Team working on a Silent Hill game. Among those clues was a quote from an interview we did with Bloober Team’s Wojciech Piejko where they talk about going to Japan to meet with composer Akira Yamaoka.

The thought of Bloober Team going all the way to Japan (note this was pre-pandemic) for the sole reason of showing Akira Yamaoka some of The Medium always struck us as suspicious.

One thought we have now that we know Bloober Team is working with Konami is that they went to Japan for Konami business as well. Again, this doesn’t mean a Silent Hill game is in the works as Konami could have a number of other projects they want Bloober Team’s help in jointly developing. 

However, the timeline and the link with Akira Yamaoka definitely makes it seem like there could be something there when it comes to Silent Hill. Take all of this with a grain of salt though as again, nothing has been confirmed.

Below, we’ve included the full press release announcing the partnership between Konami and Bloober Team.

“KONAMI, one of the world’s largest game publisher, and Bloober Team, have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. It will include jointly developing selected contents and exchanging know-how.

– It is a historic day for me and the culmination of several years of our work. The fact that such a renowned company as KONAMI has decided to strategically cooperate with the Bloober Team means that we also joined the world leaders in gaming and became an equal partner for the leading players in this market.  – comments Piotr Babieno, president of the Bloober Team. 

As part of the agreement, the partners declared cooperation in the development of contents and the exchange of know-how.

– We have been providing unique entertainment content and ways to enjoy it through the use of information technology. In the digital entertainment industry, significant changes in the business environment are expected in the future. We look forward to combining Bloober Team’s and our respective characteristics and strengths to create high-quality contents. KONAMI – comments Hideki Hayakawa Representative Director, President Konami Digital Entertainment

Konami Digital Entertainment, which is the core company of Konami Group, develops entertaining content for mobile, console and card games. The company is known for global franchises such as eFootball PES, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Contra, as well as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game series.”

After reading through everything, we’re eager to hear your thoughts on the announcement from Konami and Bloober Team today. Do you think Bloober Team could be working on something Silent Hill related with the help of Konami and them “exchanging know-how” or do you think it’s something else entirely?

Let us know your thoughts on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to check back as we’ll be updating with what Bloober Team and Konami are working on as soon as it’s formally announced.

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