Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough Chapter 2 – The Shadow

Complete guide to Chapter 2 - The Shadow in Killzone: Shadow Fall, including a full trophy and collectibles list.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Chapter 2 – The Shadow

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  • Comic #01 | Pages 01-02
  • Audio Log #01 | Helghast Dam Employee
  • Dossier #01 | Vekta City Dam
  • Comic #02 | Pages 07-08
  • Audio Log #02 | Helghast Sniper
  • Comic #03 | Pages 03-04
  • Comic #04 | Pages 05-06
  • Dossier #02 | Vekta City
  • Newspaper #01 | New Helghan News


  • The Shadow [Complete the chapter]
  • Deniable [Operate without raising an alarm or disabling the security mainframe]

The chapter begins with a cut scene. Sinclair welcomes Lucas home and explains that he shouldn’t have let himself get captured. He comments that they were lucky to have someone to trade for him. Lucas asks who the woman was, and Sinclair tells him her code name is Echo, and that Chancellor Visari took a keen interest in getting her back. Echo is a half breed — half Vektan, half Helghast — but besides that, not much is known about her. Sinclair explains that a recon team sent to New Helghan looking for evidence of troop movements, military communications and logistics has gone quiet. They don’t know what went wrong, but in order to strike the Helghast, they need proof of their intentions to invade. Sinclair sends Lucas back in to find out what happened and clean up the mess. 

When you take control of Lucas, move along the only path that you can until you drop into an empty room. Climb up on the catwalk and enter the air duct. Head left, and as you exit be sure to avoid the roaming security camera. It’s easy to spot since it displays a grid showing its line of sight. You need to reach the platform in the middle of the room. Make your way along the catwalk until you can drop down onto it. Ride the platform to the other side of the room and jump on the ledge. Climb on the fence in front of you and drop down to perform a stealth kill on the Helghast soldier below.

Head  through the doors and use the Tactical Echo — Right D-Pad — to locate the patrolling guard. Sneak up behind him and perform a melee take down. Double back to the area the guard originated from and head through the double doors. Turn to the right to see two guards standing below you. Drop down and melee the first guard, then throw your knife — R3 — to take out the second soldier. Move along the only path available and out the double doors. You’ll be spotted by two soldiers, but your OWL — a hovering attack drone that is used by Shadow Marshals — makes its first appearance and takes them out. Pay close attention to the OWL tutorial; you have to use the Dual Shock 4 touch pad to control it.

  • Swipe up for attack mode
  • Swipe right for the zip line
  • Swipe down for shield mode
  • Swipe left for stun mode

Pro Tip: You don’t always have to swipe the touch pad to give a command. Once you set the OWL to a particular mode, it will stay on that mode until you change it. For example, if you set the OWL to the zip line, you can keep using the zip line by placing your crosshairs on an object and simply pressing L1.

Climb up the rocks until you’re overlooking two soldiers. Order your OWL to attack them. When they’re dead, use the OWL to zip line down and grab the ammunition package. 

Pro Tip: Your Primary weapon, the LSR 44 has two fire modes. The default, or primary mode, is simply automatic fire. The secondary fire mode is enabled by pressing down on the D-Pad. This activates the sniper rifle mode for the weapon, which can only be fired twice per 24 round magazine, requiring 12 rounds per shot. 

There are several ways you can approach the next section, but one of the most effective is to move along the cliff and zip line down to the soldier posted on the tree platform. As you’re about to land on the platform, perform a melee kill to take him out. The crash site will be indicated on your map, but the area is not clear. There’s a two man patrol nearby and an alarm. Your best bet is to get close to the alarm and order your OWL to hack and disable it. 

Pro Tip: Place your cross hairs on any alarm or computer system — You must be within range — and order your OWL to hack and disable it by pressing L1. This concept is used several times during almost every chapter of the game. 

When the area is clear, move along the ground towards the crash site. There should be two soldiers on scene, but be aware, there’s an alarm as well. Take out the two soldiers and quickly order your OWL to hack and disable the alarm. In the same direction as the alarm, you’ll see some ruins. Turn your focus on them in anticipation of more Helghast. Use your primary weapon to take them down. 

Make your way into the ruins and check all the levels for ammunition and weapons. Use your zip line to reach the other side, but quickly turn and focus your attention on the area you just came from. There’s three Helghast soldiers that need your attention. When they’re down, check for useful items before you zip line back to the side of the ruins you originally started on. One of the Helghast should have dropped an StA61 Vultur. You’re definitely going to want this. Find a tunnel entrance and head inside, it will lead you to the surviving members of the crash.

In order to escape with the intel and surviving crew, you need to disable the enemy anti-air defenses. Follow the tunnel and climb up the ladder. You’re now behind the crash site. Take out any roaming soldiers, move to the downed ship and plant the explosive charge as indicated on screen. You’ll start to encounter new resistance here. Equip your StA61 Vultur — It replaced your pistol — and snipe any of the advancing enemies. 

Your new objectives are to disable the communications hub and security mainframe. They’ll show up on your screen so that’s your direction of travel. This part is tricky. The forest is crawling with Helghast and they aren’t easy to spot. We advise that you move very carefully, paying as much attention to the trees as the ground. Use your Tactical Echo often. If you spot any alarms proactively, have your OWL hack and disable them. After crossing over the bridge, get your StA61 Vultur out and get eyes on the building that contains your objectives. Note the alarm outside. Sneaking up puts you in danger of being spotted. A better strategy is to snipe any guards from a distance. Just keep the alarm in view in case one of them makes a run for it. When the area is clear, head into the building and have your OWL go to work on the two objectives and the alarm. 

Pro Tip: There are at least two Laser Trip Mines in the building. Move slowly and shoot to detonate them before they harm or kill you. 

Once both objectives are complete, look out the window towards the bridge you crossed to get here. You should see three advancing Helghast; nothing your StA61 Vultur can’t handle. When they’re down, head towards your next objective, disabling the anti-aircraft guns. You need to reach the base of the mountain near the crash site. Be careful going back through the forest. There could be left over — or new — Helghast soldiers waiting.

Climb up the mountain to the anti-aircraft site. There will be three or four Helghast guards, so take them out as efficiently as you can. When they’re down, plant the explosive charges on the guns and head back to ground level where you’ll meet up with the surviving crew. 

Pro Tip: Shadow Fall will play very dramatic music when there are active enemies in the area. When the music stops, the area is clear.

You need to get to the armory. It’s the large structure in front of you and should also be indicated on your screen. Stay back a fair distance and use the StA61 Vultur to take out as many Helghast as you can. When things calm down, move up towards the building. Head inside where you’ll face more enemies in some close quarters situations. Keep in mind you have grenades — Press R1 — so use your Tactical Echo to locate bad guys and toss one in their direction. Make your way to the back room and have your OWL hack the computer system. Head up to the roof and take cover. You need to fight off several waves of advancing enemies. After a short time, you’ll be instructed to board the Dropship. Do as you’re told and enjoy the chapter ending cut scene showing off your handy work.

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