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Killer Instinct Free-To-Play Character Changed Up

by Prima Games Staff

In an effort to keep things fresh with its free-to-play audience, Microsoft has uploaded a new patch for its Xbox One fighting game Killer Instinct that changes the initial characters players will start out as.

Initially, when it launched, the fierce ninja warrior Jago was offered free of charge. Now, with the patch, he steps behind the paywall in favor of the dangerous werewolf character Sabrewulf. He’s much more accessible when it comes to spin moves and attacks, so this could very well be a change for the better.

Those of you who miss Jago can still buy him direct from the Xbox Live Marketplace for around $5, or purchase the whole roster anywhere between $20 and $40, with different options available. 

In addition to the character swap, the patch also introduces a number of fixes, including save game and login resolutions, as well as the ability to view the leaderboard even when you’re no connected to Xbox Live.

Killer Instinct is available now for Xbox One.

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