KFC’s Colonel Sanders May Now Be Canon in FFXIV… No, We’re Not Kidding

I may need a new costume before this happens...

I may have just gotten myself into Final Fantasy XIV, but I don’t think I could have joined at a better time. My coworkers have had to listen to me obsessively talk about my character, Chetus, and his adventures in the lands of Eorzea. Roaming around in a bright red chicken suit that fits his adorable Lalafel frame perfectly, there may be something that I need to worry about more than just the typical enemies that inhabit the lands before me; something more diabolical and sinister than ever imagined.

Tweet via @KFC_jp on X (formerly known as Twitter)

On a typical day, the sight of Colonel Sanders would be a delight. A fresh bucket of hot chicken sounds like an absolute dream after a day of raiding, but since Chetus is primarily wearing the Chicken Suit/Fat Chocobo head combo, will he become the Raid Boss of my nightmares?

Jokes aside, it seems that KFC Japan is once again pairing up with Final Fantasy XIV to bring either exclusive mounts and/or cosmetics to the popular MMO once again after a previous collaborative effort put Chinese players in the shoes of a Fat Chocobo themselves.

Post via r/FFXIV by u/Jonasan999

It’s hard to know exactly what KFC Japan is cooking (besides delicious chicken) with this collaborative effort, but I can hardly keep my anticipation quiet. There was a small hint posted on their official Twitter page, but it may just be promotional art that they’re teasing. I promise I’m drooling because I’m thinking of the chicken, not the possibilities of what this crossover could bring to my account. Maybe they’ll add a special questline, as this version of Colonel Sanders looks like he could easily be related to Hilibrand.

It’s also unclear if this promotion is going to make its way to the States, but you already know that I’ve got my eBay account ready in case of emergency. We can only keep our fingers crossed (after we’ve licked them clean) that we can go get ourselves some exclusive FFXIV merch once this collaboration drops, but just make sure that you’re not wearing your favorite Chicken Suit if you’re hoping to survive the wraith of Colonel Sanders.

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