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Just Cause 4 Shows Off New Apex Engine in Latest Dev Diary

by Josh Hawkins

Just Cause 4’s release date is rapidly approaching, which means the hype train for Rico’s latest adventure is in full swing. We’re on board, and this week’s latest developer diary from Avalanche has quite a bit to show off about the new Apex Engine that powers the latest game in the explosive, open-world series.

The new Apex Engine was originally showcased this year at the PC Gamer show, where the developers touched on some of the things that the new engine would allow them to do. Now, though, we can finally see more of the engine in action in the latest developer diary, which touches on some of the really cool things we’re set to see in Just Cause 4.

On top of offering a bigger, better engine to work within, the Apex Engine will allow Avalanche to include dynamic weather—including things like sandstorms and tornadoes—in the game, while also offering a much higher degree of explosive action than we’ve ever seen in a Just Cause game. That’s very high praise, considering how much the series has revolved around massive explosions and overall catastrophic levels of destruction, and from what we can see that’s definitely what Avalanche is setting themselves up to deliver—based on this latest developer diary.

On top of tornadoes and sandstorms, the latest Just Cause game is set to include even more dynamic weather features, like blizzards and other extreme weather conditions. The video also goes into the new dynamic spawning system, as well as talks about the artificial intelligence in the game, as well as the game’s signature explosions—which are slated to be bigger and better than ever.

Based on what we can see in the video, Avalanche is really pinning everything in Just Cause 4 on the new Apex Engine’s capabilities and power. We can’t wait to see the new engine in action for ourselves. Just Cause 4 is currently slated to release on December 4, 2018, just in time for a nice holiday break filled with explosions and beautiful vistas.


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