John Legend’s Latest Performance Sees Him Take the Lead as Neopets Brand Ambassador

Get ready for a Legendary collaboration

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Neopets has unexpectedly been thrust into the spotlight this week with the announcement of the new World of Neopets team. There was a mix of cautious optimism from long-term members of the Neopets community, as well as shock from the broader community that Neopets still exists. The hype surrounding this four-million-dollar investment has been significant online, and the World of Neopets team has continued to take advantage of this momentum by announcing a surprise new brand ambassador.

Give Your Items to Me, I’ll Give My Neopoints to You

The internet was shocked when Neopets announced that John Legend, a famous singer, best known for his song ‘All of You’, would be the new Neopets brand ambassador. John Legend confirmed this through a video posted on his Twitter account.

John Legend stated that he is excited about this partnership with Neopets. As well as it being quite nostalgic. He also mentioned that Neopets is something enjoyed in his household. Which seems to hold as his wife Chrissy Teigen has tweeted about Neopets previously.

Longtime Neopets fans have found the announcement to be rather peculiar. With some hoping that a celebrity endorsement will bring in new players, which the website desperately needs. Other players are more worried about the financial aspect of partnering with John Legend. Assuming that such partnership does not come cheap and four million dollars does not go far when there is a lot of work to be done to bring Neopets up to today’s standards. Which is necessary to entice new players to play as opposed to veteran players suffering the current state of the site due to nostalgia.

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It remains to be seen exactly how this partnership will play out. John Legend ended his message by eluding to future announcements that one can only assume to be a collaboration of sorts in the near future.

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