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It’s Official- Sega is Bringing Back Mickey Mouse’s Castle of Illusion

by Prima Games Staff

Sega has been teasing for the past few weeks the return of its Sega Genesis game Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse through cryptic trailers, leaving us wondering if the game is actually coming or not.  We wonder know more; it is coming.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sega has posted the first official trailer for the HD-converted game.  The trailer has Mickey peering over the castle from a distance while holding a lantern.  While gameplay footage isn’t included with the trailer, some screens have emerged that give us an idea of how the HD conversion will work, complete with a 3D stage select scene.  We’ve included them below for your viewing pleasure.

Though the trailer only indicates that the game is coming for PlayStation Network, a version for Xbox Live Arcade and PC is also in the works.  We should have more details in the weeks ahead, as Castle of Illusion HD is currently slated for a Summer 2013 release.

In the meanwhile, could it be too much to ask to bring back World of Illusion and Quackshot as well?  We love those games…

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