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It’s Not Minecraft 2 But There Is An Official Minecraft Board Game on the Way

by Liana Ruppert

Though it may not be Minecraft 2 (and really, there’s no need for a sequel), there is another blocky experience on the way thanks to a recently revealed Minecraft board game. 

For those fun-loving explorers looking to take to the Overworld once more, the latest Minecraft experience will center around building and biomes – which is appropriately its name. Players will need to be strategic with their resources, though not in a way that makes the experience unenjoyable for all ages. It’s yet another way fans can enjoy Minecraft beyond the screen. 

According to the game’s official description, “Mine rare cubes, fight dangerous mobs, and build fabulous structures in Minecraft: Builders & Biomes, a Minecraft board game! On your turn, you’ll explore the Overworld, collect weapons, fight mobs, and build structures out of resources mined from a block of 64 cubes. Only the cleverest and most daring crafters have a chance to earn the most points and win the game!”

Interested in picking up the Minecraft board game, Minecraft: Builders and Biomes? The wait won’t be a long one because it hits October 1st in Europe with a global release slated for November 15th. It’ll be interesting to see how fans of Minecraft react to this experience, but while we wait feel free to take a peek at the video below to learn even more about the blockified road ahead: 

Liana Ruppert

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