Insomniac Announces Spider-Man 2 Has Gone Gold With Exciting Cast Message

We are Venom. We are Gold.

Spider-Man 2 Gold
Image via Insomniac Games.

Spider-Man 2 has officially gone gold on September 20, which means the game is ready for release a full month ahead of the launch on October 20. Insomniac Games broke the news on their official Twitter account and included a 90-second video featuring the main cast from the game. It’s nice to see Venom and Spider-Man celebrating something together again.

The video started with an introduction from Nadji Jeter, the voice actor behind Miles Morales. He was the one to break the great news by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen. The news is official. It has happened. The time is now. Not bronze, not silver, but gold. Spider-Man 2 has gone gold, baby. That’s Right!”

Jeter wasn’t the only one to join the brief clip. Yuri Lowenthal (Peter Parker), Laura Bailey (Mary Jane Watson), and Tony Todd (Venom) each gave some quick words to hype up the audience ahead of the launch. “That means it’s that much closer to getting into your faces, and brains, and bodies,” said Lowenthal while wearing his own version of a black Symbiote jacket.

Although Spider-Man 2 has officially gone gold, there will still likely be a patch released on day one. This news just means that discs and any other editions of the game are ready to ship to retailers or players when the time comes. With that said, day-one patches are the norm for nearly any game.

Unlike many of the other games released this year, Spider-Man 2 also doesn’t have an early access period tied to a Deluxe Edition. So everyone can jump on their PlayStation 5 and start playing the sequel on October 20, 2023.

Before you decide to pre-order anything, make sure to check the news on the map coming in Spider-Man 2.

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