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Info on Dungeon Siege III co-op

by Prima Games Staff

It’s been revealed that players will be able to vote on major storyline outcomes in Dungeon Siege 3.

It’ll be possible to vote on whether the party should accept a quest or not, the official European PlayStation blog has revealed. There’ll also be points in the game where players are given the choice to choose if a character will die or not, which can and most likely will have a major effect on the way the overall story goes.

Developer Obsidian have, until recently, revealed very little on the co-op mode. We’ve finally learnt a little more now, with news that the game supports up to four players online, features the ability for people to drop-in, and has capability for two players offline.

The game will dynamically change the size and toughness of the enemies depending on the amount of group members involved in battles. Killing these stronger enemies will give larger amounts of XP and better items correspondingly.

We’ve got an interview with the project director Rich Taylor and a a hands-on preview on the site.

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