Indie games are getting quite a draw at game events these days and the Electronic Entertainment Expo is no exception.  IndieCade, a gathering of some of the better indie products coming out over the next year, will be returning to the event in just a couple weeks' time with some big highlights.

thatgamecompany is already working on a PS Vita port of its hit PSN game Flower, in which players guide flower petals through the air.  A KickStarter project called The Dead Linger will also be revealed to the public for the first time, as well as a variety of games in the Sifteo Cube line-up which don't require a game system, instead working with independent video cubes to create unique game experiences.

Other highlights include Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party, Hohokum, TowerFall and fan favorite Johann Sebastian Joust, a game that makes exquisite use of PlayStation Move controllers.

Look for full information on these games in the months ahead…