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Incredibly Realistic FPS Bodycam Debuts in Early Access but Fails to Deliver

A diamond in the rough.

Incredibly realistic first-person shooter, Bodycam, debuts in early access, but fails to deliver an enjoyable experience due to technical issues and lack of content. Could Bodycam be the start of the next major line of shooters or is it just a glorified tech demo with no weight?

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Bodycam is one of the world’s first hyper-realistic first-person shooters developed on Unreal Engine 5 and it’s a visual masterpiece. This game looks so real it’s genuinely disturbing. Bodycam is a multiplayer shooter where you can play modes like body bomb or deathmatch and partake in standard shooter gameplay. The game doesn’t offer anything revolutionary across its gameplay, aside from the realistic flashbang effects and combat system, but it’s a step toward an exciting modern world of photorealistic games.

In saying so, good looks are all it brings to the table at the moment. Most people have praised the game for its visuals and ambitious desires to reinvent the genre, but many say it lacks the content and technical optimization to be worth its price point of $29.98, especially in early access. The game currently has 7,571 reviews on Steam, with 2,296 reviews being purely negative. These mixed reviews all point out similar issues within the game. Here are some of those Steam reviews.

From lagging and glitching to terrible technical optimization to lack of playable content to poorly designed gameplay functions and even cheaters, Bodycam faces a myriad of problems that make it an incredibly frustrating time. A lot of these reviews have suggested that players should wait until the developers behind Bodycam, Reissad Studio, address its problems and implement new updates to provide more playable content for people to enjoy.

Until then, Bodycam needs a little more time in development before it’s ready for the world. While it leaves a lot to be desired, Bodycam is the start of a new generation of shooters and that’s something everyone who loves the genre should be happy about.

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