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The Incredible Devil May Cry 5 Soundtrack Is Getting the Vinyl Treatment

by Liana Ruppert

The Devil May Cry 5 soundtrack was nothing short of perfect and nailed the overall DMC aesthetic to a T. For those that loved it as much as I did, the OST that rocked our faces off is the latest to get the vinyl treatment with a look that is as amazing as the soundtrack itself. 

Courtesy of Laced Records, there are a few different ways fans can rock out to the latest Devil May Cry: 

  • Special Edition x4 LP box set (vinyl) – $80.00
  • Deluxe box set (vinyl) – $35.00
  • Special Edition x5 CD box set – $30.00

The Special Edition box set is worth the price if you fell in love with the different characters, including V’s triumphant return, thanks to detailed individual art seen below:

With music composed by Casey Edwards, Cody Matthew Johnson, Jeff Rona, John R. Graham, Steven McNair, Kota Suzuki, Hiromitsu Maeba and Yoshiya Terayama, it’s the perfect way to pay tribute to a game that many are hailing as Capcom’s “big comeback.” 

The vinyl and CD sets will be shipping out in July of this year. You can get your pre-order in now right here at the Laced Records official website

As for the game itself, Devil May Cry 5 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more about the title before you get that pre-order in: 

“The threat of demonic power has returned to menace the world once again in Devil May Cry 5. The invasion begins when the seeds of a “demon tree” take root in Red Grave City. As this hellish incursion starts to take over the city, a young demon hunter Nero, arrives with his partner Nico in their “Devil May Cry” motorhome. Finding himself without the use of his right arm, Nero enlists Nico, a self-professed weapons artist, to design a variety of unique mechanical Devil Breaker arms to give him extra powers to take on evil demons such as the blood sucking flying Empusa and giant colossus enemy Goliath.”


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