Humankind’s Latest DLC Introduces Six New Eras and More

Cultures of Oceania will allow you to play with six new eras.

Amplitude Studios has announced Cultures of Oceania, the latest DLC for its turn-based game Humankind Cultures of Oceania introduces a wide variety of content, such as new eras, wonders, and much more, and costs $8.99.

Players will be able to explore through six different eras that are vastly different from one another. For example, one of the first eras they can explore is the Pama-Nyungan, which is Aesthete and is described as a group of people “across most of Australia’s territory from the mid-Holocene era onward.” Other eras include players exploring New Zealanders who are Scientists from the 1940s – 1950s.

Listed below are all the eras you’ll be able to play through:

  • Era 1 – Pama-Nyungan (Aesthete)
  • Era 2 – Polynesians (Expansionist)
  • Era 3 – Rapa Nui (Builder)
  • Era 4 – Māori (Militarist)
  • Era 5 – Hawaiians (Agrarian)
  • Era 6 – New Zealanders (Scientist)

In addition to all the new eras, players will be able to utilize new wonders, which include the following: Uluṟu, Aitutaki Lagoon, Bungle Bungle Range, Whakaari Volcano, The Royal Palace of Papeʻete, and the Mauna Kea Observatory. There’ll also be seven independent people, 15 new narrative events, and new music composed by Arnaud Roy.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s also some free content that players can take advantage of. The latest update improved naval gameplay, as well as trade and resource management. Lastly, whenever they’re in Era 4, they can play as Caribbean pirates to improve their military.

Image via Amplitude Studios

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