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How Much Will PUBG Cost on Xbox One?

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re planning on picking up PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the Xbox One, then you probably have quite a few questions. We’ve already covered many of these concerns on the site, but today we’d like to address a specifically important question, and that’s “how much will PUBG cost on Xbox One?”

Like any game that makes its way from PC to console, pricing may not always be the same. In the case of PUBG, though, players looking to pick up the battle royale game when it hits the Xbox One Game Preview program tomorrow, December 12, can expect to only have to drop the same $29.99 that PC players have had the option to buy PUBG at for the past several months.

As we said above, players can expect PUBG to be available to download on their Xbox One as early as December 12, worldwide. You can learn more about when the Xbox One version of the game will release to make sure you’re prepared to hop into the battleground and prove your worth.

As you prepare to dive into the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, keep in mind that you’ll need to get use to the innovative control scheme that the developers have created for the game. You can check out the control layout and get a feel for it by heading over to our post about it.

PUBG will be available for Xbox One players on December 12 in the Game Preview program. The game will cost $29.99, and will launch as an unfinished product on the Xbox One. This means that players will get to actively play the game and help develop it to fit the console completely, just like they were able to with the PC version of the game on Steam’s Early Access program.

If you need help with the game, be sure to head over to our PUBG guide, where we’ll be updating our assortment of PUBG articles to help Xbox One players get used to the game as they dive into the battlegrounds and fight to prove their worth and be the last man standing. To preorder PUBG on Xbox One be sure to head over to the official Xbox Store.

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