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How Long Is Borderlands 3?

by Liana Ruppert

Borderlands 3 has more bosses than ever before, more planets for players to explore, and so much more to offer – including Guns With Legs! The looter shooter has a lot of side quests and various challenges to partake in, but how long is the main storyline? According to Gearbox, it has the potential to be quite the doozy. 

Creator Director Paul Sage recently opened up a bit about the story length and though he mentioned it has the potential to be much longer depending on how much the player is willing to put in, he did add that it could be done in 30 hours. “If you beeline it through, and I mean beeline it through, it might take you 30 hours to complete the main story,” said Sage when talking with PC Gamer

For those that played Borderlands 2, that hours number isn’t unexpected, though Sage was clear when he mentioned that the 30 hour marker is for those that put in the very bare minimum. With all of the side quests and areas to explore, the game itself has what it takes to be a long-lasting experience, much like its predecessors, and Randy Pitchford confirmed previously that they do have DLC planned, which means even more story to enjoy later on.

We were at the gameplay reveal event earlier this week and had an absolute blast with our hands-on time with the game. You can read all about what we thought right here, with a small blurb below: 

“Despite a few technical difficulties and Cyclone nightmare, Borderlands 3 was everything I wanted to be. Though the Calypso Twins, the game’s main villain, might not be to everyone’s taste due to their off-brand streamer personalities, the overall experience felt incredibly familiar while offering up a new experience at the same time.”

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