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Horizon Forbidden West Will Have “Virtually” No Load Times, Other New Details Revealed

by Liana Ruppert

Sony showed off an incredible first look at the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, during a recent PS5 showcase and instantly fans were hooked. With stunning ray tracing technology and an expansive new world for Aloy to explore, the next chapter in this journey looks incredible and we’ve got a few new details that were recently made public to share. 

The latest tidbit shared about the future of Horizon Zero Dawn with Forbidden West includes the confirmation that this game will have “virtually” no loading screens regardless of mode of travel. The faster load times have been something Sony has been very vocal about in recent months thanks to the SSD and it looks like Guerrilla’s new game will be included in that technology breakthrough. 

Other small details revealed in the video above with the dev team include that the sequel for the PlayStation 4 hit will offer a much bigger map than the first game, which is a feat, including entire portions explorable underwater. We saw this in action briefly during the reveal trailer shared earlier this month. 

There will also reportedly be “dozens’ of new machines for players to get familiar with in addition to new tribes that will be both hostile and friendly when progressing through the main story. Game director Mathijs de Jonge also talked a little more about that giant turtle creature we saw in the reveal, talking about how they guard the swamps. 

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Horizon Forbidden West will offer so much for players to explore, much like the first game did, with an older and wiser protagonist dead set on survival, hope, and overcoming any obstacle in her way. 

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