Honkai: Star Rail Leaker Claims Seele Will Be the First Re-run Banner

The Queen of the Underground returns...

Seele from Honkai: Star Rail
Image from Honkai: Star Rail YouTube Seele Trailer - "Uneventful Night"

Seele may be returning to the Honkai: Star Rail Warp Banner sooner than we all thought, according to the latest leaks among the Twitter community, namely prolific leaker Dimbreath. The game has come out with new character after new character since its release back in late March, but reruns may be gracing us as soon as the 1.4 update.

The possibility of a rerun comes as a slight relief for many expressing their feelings amid Reddit and Twitter, stating that with the grace period of a rerun, they would either get a second chance at Seele herself or her Light Cone but also be able to save their Stellar Jades for future characters down the line during her banner when they already have her. 

Though in another breath, some players can’t help but wonder why a rerun is coming so soon with the game not even seeing a year. There is a theory floating around that in preparation for Honkai: Star Rail expanding to the PlayStation, stated in SipSipStefen’s last livestream discussing the latest HoYoverse news. Further statements theorize that the game would want to revisit the characters that made the game so popular to begin with so as to give new players a chance to pull for characters that they were not originally around for. 

With that possibility in mind, it would make sense for Seele to preview again both as the first character Honkai: Star Rail debuted and also due to the company’s profits reaching as much as $40 million with iOS users in the CN server alone. Fans in a related Reddit thread have theorized that while Seele and her Light Cone may return, they will likely be in separate banners beside the ones that have already been marketed to drop in 1.4: Topaz and Jingliu. 

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Since all of the information is still based on leaks and has not been confirmed by HoYoverse or Honkai: Star Rail, this information shouldn’t be taken at face value or for certain. The company may not be planning to implement Seele as soon or may change the information at a later date.

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