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Honkai: Star Rail Announces Character Banners for 1.2 Update

They’re really after our money, y’all

by Jordan Lemons

On the eve of Honkai: Star Rail’s next live stream preview, Hoyoverse looks to continue their newly formed habit of dropping drip marketing of upcoming characters coming to future banners. Not only do we now know the order of the Five-Stars that will be coming up in 1.2, but we also have a surprise Four-Star Male Character who will be dropping alongside one of these two banners. Here’s what we know about the Honkai: Star Rail Character Banner 1.2 update.

Who is Receiving a Character Banner in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2?

Honkai: Star Rail has revealed three characters in their latest Twitter Posts; Blade, Kafka, and Luka. Now, we know that Hoyoverse tends to announce the lineup of the banners as well when it comes to unveiling characters to the public. So since they were released in this order, we can presume that Blade will be the first character that will be running his banner during the first half of 1.2 with Kafka running in the second half. 

It does seem par for the course to make Kafka’s band available for pulling rather than to throw out the big guns and release one of the most highly anticipated characters thus far. To Hoyoverse’s expectations, I imagine. So far, I’ve seen players excited for just about every character that the game is releasing, especially the Four-Stars. 

What was incredibly surprising about both of these characters’ release was that they were not alone. Sure, seeing Blade up first made me want to cry for my wallet so soon after Luocha was hinted at in the later half of Honkai: Star Rail’s next update. But Hoyoverse felt that they needed to deal one more heavy blow over the back of our heads after that. Turns out, we will be having a new Four-Star running in one of the banners as well. 

Now, it’s not certain whether this character will run with Blade or Kafka since Hoyoverse is going to reveal the Five-Star characters first, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them run alongside Kafka in the later banner since he was revealed so late. Yes, our newest Four-Star is going to be a tall male that goes by the name of Luka. You actually may have seen glimpses of him in Honkai: Star Rail’s past trailers alongside many other characters. He appears to be a type of brawler involved in the ring and, hopefully, he can stay out of Scott’s clutches. I’ll beat that old man up, I don’t care about the consequences or his backstory.

So our current lineup of Five-Stars for the 1.2 banners is Blade in the first half and Kafka in the second half with Luka as a Four-star perhaps running in the same banner. Hoyoverse is really out for all the money in my pockets. Hopefully, there will be plenty of events and story rewards to supplement some of the savings I’ve accumulated. It looks like 1.2 is going to be a busy banner for me. 

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