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Hilarious Gears 5 Cole Train Easter Egg Discovered

by Nicholas Barth

The Gears of War franchise has given video game players plenty of memorable characters throughout the years. Augustus Cole is one of these fan-favorite characters from the Gears of War universe and entertains fans with his larger than life personality. The Cole Train makes a return in the story mode of Gears 5, and a group of players recently discovered a hilarious Easter Egg focused on the character in the game’s multiplayer mode. 

This particular Gears 5 Easter Egg will have players witness a very entertaining sight of Cole Train busting out some dance moves on top of the train on the Gears 5 map of Asylum. NRG Esports professional Gears of War coach Nicholas “Ashes” Ridgeway uploaded a video to his YouTube channel that explained the process players have to go through to activate the Gears 5 Cole Train Easter Egg. 

Ashes worked with Ryujin Kinggggg, Ryujin Phoenix, Ryujin Rekt, zTruly, and MiRR Bean to recreate the requirements needed for the Gears 5 Cole Train easter Egg to activate consistently. 

Players can cause this specific Easter Egg to occur by narrowly dodging both of the trains that go through the Asylum. You will need to make sure you are not hit by the trains. However, players will have to have to make sure they dodge it narrowly enough on the lanes to where they still hit the hitbox that is at the front of the vehicles. If this is done correctly, players will see Cole Train dancing on top of the train the next time it passes through the map. 

You can see this Gears 5 Easter Egg in action below:

 The next time you are looking for something to cheer up your day, you will be able to hop on Gears 5 and catch Cole showing off some groovy moves on top of an actual speeding train. 



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