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The Hello Kitty Items For Animal Crossing: New Horizons Are Way Too Cute

by Morgan Shaver

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have a lot to look forward to in March from the introduction of Super Mario items to a special collaboration with Sanrio that adds Hello Kitty gear to the game on March 26.

After watching the announcement trailer, you’ll notice there are a lot of adorable things to look forward to with the six Hello Kitty cards. Our personal favorite is the Pompompurin rug that features a dog butt and perfectly placed butthole. 

The Hello Kitty Items For Animal Crossing: New Horizons Are Way Too Cute

Hello Kitty items are coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March, and they’re super kawaii!

The items come as a set of six amiibo cards with each card focusing on a different Hello Kitty character.

  • Hello Kitty

  • Pompompurin

  • Kiki & Lala (Little Twin Stars)

  • Cinnamoroll

  • My Melody

  • Keroppi

Previews of each item set are shown in the announcement trailer. The segments begin outside of a house with special items placed outdoors like a Hello Kitty topiary and Cinnamoroll cafe items. 

The person playing the game to show off these Hello Kitty cards changes into different outfit items for each set complete with a special hat.

Turning around, they knock on a house door and enter to reveal furniture items included in each Hello Kitty card. 

Notably, each card has a special rug with our personal favorite being the one for Pompompurin – it’s got a butthole, why is no one talking about the butthole? – though the Cinnamoroll rug is also charming as heck. 

The indoor setup for Keroppi feels the most cohesive of the cards outside of the Hello Kitty furniture collection as Keroppi’s set meshes well with the Japanese decor already available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

Unlike the Super Mario items that are being added to the game for free starting March 1, it looks like you’ll need to purchase the Sanrio Collaboration Pack separately.

You can purchase the Sanrio Collaboration Pack of amiibo cards for $5.99 (USD) starting on March 26 exclusively at Target.

Included in the Sanrio Collaboration Pack are the six aforementioned amiibo cards which contain different character themes (clothing, furniture) and residents including Chelsea, Chai, Etoile, Marty, Rilla, and Toby.

Stay tuned, as we’ll have updated coverage of the Sanrio Collaboration Pack for Animal Crossing: New Horizons once it’s available for purchase.

Until then, which Sanrio set is your favorite? Are you a fan of the Hello Kitty set, the Pompompurin set, or something else? Reach out to us on social media on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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