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Helldivers 2’s New Black Hole Might Lead to the Game’s Next Major Encounter

Are we celebrating too soon?

Helldivers 2 players were left shocked, confused, and excited about the game’s latest event, which caused an entire planet to disappear and a purple-black hole to take its place. This special event was the cause of a mission to eliminate a supercolony of Terminids, which resulted in a catastrophic black hole emerging. But could this black hole be the start of something much more sinister?

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Helldivers 2’s recent mission required players to eradicate Terminids on the planet Merida, which caused them to obliterate hive nests and swarms of creatures. However, one of the major order missions was to pump the planet for “dark fluid” which was presumably to drain it of its resources and glass the entire supercolony, eliminating every possible living creature on its surface and sub-levels. Instead, players actually caused the planet’s collapse and created a gigantic black hole in its place.

Yes, a black hole replaced the entire planet. This catastrophic event has never been seen before in Helldivers 2, and while government officials and military combatants are incredibly overjoyed by the supercolony’s demise, the black hole could lead to something else emerging or happening.

There are so many questions about the event that need to be answered. Was the “dark fluid” a special resource that fueled warping mechanics, allowing humanity to travel across the universe? Did the Terminid supercolony die with the collapse or get merely transported to the other side of the black hole? Will something else travel through the black hole?

Does the black hole expand or serve another purpose? How was humanity able to create a black hole catastrophe? Is one of Helldivers 2’s oldest enemies, the Illuminates, returning through the black hole? These are all questions thousands of players have pondered over the last few days, but there’s one constant acknowledgment around Merida’s collapse: something will happen soon.

For now, Helldivers 2 celebrates the demise of the supercolony on Merida, but it’s safe to assume that the game will be getting another surprise pretty soon. Depending on what that may be, the black hole will likely be at the center of those events. But until anything can be proven, players should remain cautiously optimistic because the fight might not be over. It might just be starting.

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