This week's PAX Prime event in Seattle promises to be a whole lot of fun for gamers, between big-name projects, surprise guest stars dropping by panels and plenty of independent games to indulge in.  One game in particular that's going to make a huge impact is Happy Wars, an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game where players can duke it out in a, ahem, happy battlefield, using a variety of weapons and tactics to survive the battle.

What's great about Happy Wars is that it's actually setting a new precedent for gaming on Xbox Live Arcade.  Instead of dropping points to pick up the game, it'll be free-to-play across the board for all Xbox Live Gold members.  Pricing hasn't been revealed yet for Silver members, but there's likely to be a free demo offered.

We'll get a better look at Happy Wars and provide a full preview upon our return.  In the meantime, if you see us out there, run up and give us a happy high five!