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Halo 4 Getting Free Forge Map On April 11

by Prima Games Staff

Microsoft and 343 Industries are ready to give some love back to the Halo community and you’d be silly not to accept the hug.

The developers announced over the weekend that it will be releasing a free Halo 4 Forge map, which will become available on April 11th.  The map offers a tremendously sized space across islands known as the Great Anvils that gives you plenty of room to move around.

Though the islands don’t look like much from the screenshot that 343 provided, they’re much bigger than you’d expect with plenty of building opportunities to try with your friends.  You don’t even have to buy the coordinating Castle Map Pack that arrives three days before to access it, though why you’d turn down that awesome map pack is beyond us.

Halo 4 is available now for Xbox 360.

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